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Having children: did I change my mind?

This week, an egregiously terrible advert by Crown Paint has attracted criticism for peddling the narrative that women who don’t want to have children will probably change their minds one day. As a woman who has been very open about the fact that I don’t want kids, and is now rapidly approaching a point where that choice stops being a choice and becomes an inevitability, I thought I’d weigh in.

If you’re keen on having children and are currently struggling with your own fertility journey, you might find this post upsetting. 


Guest blog: Enjoying bondage while pregnant

I was so excited when Kim contacted me to offer a guest blog on enjoying bondage while pregnant – the mixture of emotions when horny with hormones and also keen to be careful of their baby bump is a really cool topic to explore. Regular readers will know Kim from their previous blog on sex with anxiety, and today’s is a lovely personal (and very sexy) piece about a recent bit of bondage play. If you’d like to read more of Kim’s awesome writing, I’d thoroughly encourage you to check out their fabulous blog detailing their surrogacy journey too – I found it fascinating and learned a lot about the process of becoming a surrogate as well as different types of surrogacy. In the meantime, please enjoy this gorgeous guest post!


Inclusive language: no one is taking the word ‘woman’ away

There’s been so much hateful, tedious, miserable bullshit written about trans people in the UK media it’s hard to pick out just one thing to rant about. I find it tricky to tackle the darker stuff, because I don’t know what I can contribute other than to just note that ‘GC’ (‘gender critical’) appears to be a new euphemism for ‘TERF’ (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), which itself is a euphemism for ‘transphobe’, and if your ideology requires you to actively fight against trans rights then you need to have a stern fucking word with yourself. Sometimes, though, the specifics feel easy enough that even I, an incompetent twat, might have something to contribute. Let’s talk about inclusive language, ‘pregnant people’, and why no one is trying to stop you from using the word ‘woman’.


Guest blog: Penetrative sex is painful, so instead we fuck

Today’s guest blog is an incredible one to start the New Year with, because it combines all my favourite things: overcoming adversity, smashing preconceived ideas about sex, and enjoying some extremely hot fucks. I’ll keep my intro short and sweet, and let the couple who wrote this post introduce it instead: “To a lot of people, sex – real, adjective-free “sex” – at least for a straight, cis couple still ultimately means a penis going into a vagina. And if that’s how you define sex, then we did not have sex for over 10 years.”


Guest blog: our pregnancy journey

Today’s guest blog is by @Pervy_thoughts on Twitter – he’s here to share a deeply personal story about conception, pregnancy, and some of the complications involved. When he first got in touch with me, he focused on the difference between sex for recreation and sex to make a baby, so I was really moved when his story took a different turn. It’s by turns funny and deeply sad, and I’m grateful to him for sharing it here. Names have been changed with the consent of the other person in the story.