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Christmas at Waterloo station

Waterloo station. Bottom of the escalator, going up. Brunette, mid-thirties, backpack full of last-minute Christmas presents. The last time she fucked was yesterday – a quick make-up shag after a week of loneliness. He slipped out of her just as he started to come, and she conjures the memory of the wetness spreading on the inside of her thighs, and tries not to let the other commuters see her smile.


Bitesize sex stories: do you know what’s good?

Him: Do you know what was good?

Me: What?

Him: Last night, when I sat on the floor under the desk and you sat on the chair in front of it naked from the waist down. When you put your feet up on the edge of the desk and then let me eat your cunt for aaaaaages.


A sext from the bedroom

My favourite time to fuck is after I’ve emerged from the bath. I step out, dry off, cover my body in lotion or talc, and lie on the bed listening to the tail end of whichever podcast I put on to keep me company while I washed. When it’s nearly finished, I sext…


Cuddling in a heatwave: alternative activities

This heatwave has now got so bad that even I am starting to miss cuddles. I’m normally far too into the banging to care about the post-fuck snuggles but… it’s getting to me, you know? The lack of human contact caused by the fact that I can’t successfully touch another human without either sticking to them or bursting into flames. So here are a few alternatives to cuddling in a heatwave.


Guest blog: Letting go – a BDSM love story

I’m a fucking sucker for a love story. Especially if that story throbs with lust as well, and pulls you in to the floaty-sexy-romantic headspace of the people who are falling for each other. Be aware that if you’re squeamish about blood or age play it might not be for you, but if you – like me – are a lustful romantic, you’ll probably adore this like I did. Please welcome LM, who’s here to tell you a BDSM love story.