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In use: a gang bang fantasy

This stunningly filthy gang bang fantasy is written and read by Molly Moore, and originally appeared on her website. Note that this fantasy contains humiliation, degradation, restraints, a gang bang, mentions of piss play and elements of consensual non-consent.

I don’t have all the pieces. It is a fantasy. Sometimes they can be a bit like dreams, with bits that just happen, or locations that you don’t really know or recognise. It is about how it feels, how it makes me feel, much more than it is about the where or the who. There are various version of this fantasy, they share a central theme but the details change. I have never written this one before. It always felt too personal, too intimate in some way but the current kink of the week which is about being naked while everyone else is clothed made me think about this story and so I decided to see if I could give life to the images in my head.


Bound: bratty sub erotica

Note that this bratty sub erotica contains elements of consensual non-consent, and the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. All characters in this fictional story are over the age of 18. It is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink

Sometimes, when I tie her up, she accepts it with serenity. Only her widening smile and hardening nipples betray the chaos inside her. Outwardly, she is the docile sub, preparing to be used.


In which I break a man’s spirit

When he tells me to be mean to his dick, I don’t think this is what he expected. But in the moment, I cannot resist. In the moment I realise that although I’m usually uncomfortable in the dominant role, there is one kind of power that I’m more than happy to wield. One way in which I am more than happy to utterly break a man.


Orgasm denial erotica: You’re going to come at 14:56

Every now and then, I do improv erotica with Patreons. During our occasional Zoom hangouts, they give me prompts for sexy stories which I take away and try to turn into filth. The following orgasm denial fiction is one of these stories, and if you fancy joining in and offering me some prompts of your own, join me on Patreon! Right now you can vote for the date of our next hangout, where we chill together on Zoom and you can ask me questions, make suggestions for future erotica, and hear me read as-yet-unpublished stories while I get slowly drunk on wine. In the meantime: here’s some filth my Patreons and I made earlier!


Using him like a sex doll: FFM erotica

Sometimes I ask my Patreons for ideas for stories, and other times they drop me messages to make specific requests. Erotica is a weird thing, though, and so often when I try to write to one request, the story goes in a weird direction that I never really intended. This one was written with two things in mind: one, a message from someone asking for more stories involving two women; two, a shoutout I did for the hottest thing someone had ever said to them. What came out was not what I intended, but those two things in combination gave me a vivid fantasy about two women in love, using one of their exes like a sex doll, so I wrote this FFM erotica to get it out of my head and onto the page and (hopefully) into your pants, to tingle there delightfully…