Bound: bratty sub erotica

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Note that this bratty sub erotica contains elements of consensual non-consent, and the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. All characters in this fictional story are over the age of 18. It is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink

Sometimes, when I tie her up, she accepts it with serenity. Only her widening smile and hardening nipples betray the chaos inside her. Outwardly, she is the docile sub, preparing to be used.

Sometimes. But not today. Today she fights.

She’s down to her underwear, and stripping was the last command she obeyed. Now she kneels on the bed, bouncing with excitement having fired that rare word at me: “No.”

I had told her to lie down so I can restrain her. And she had said no.

The little brat is actually smiling.

She glances at the wrist restraints and then at the leg spreader fixed to the bottom of the bed. She tries to hide her anticipation. She wants to play. Fine.

“Lie down,” I say again.

“No Daddy,” she says.

Her nipples scream at me against her bra.

I’m opposite her. Stood within arm’s reach.

I’m still. I’m calm.

“And why not?” I ask.

She takes a breath to speak, and only I know it’s the last one she will be permitted for several moments.

Before she forms the word, my hand snaps across her throat and throws her onto her back.

She struggles under my forearm, that breath still imprisoned in her throat.

I release the tension just enough to allow our safe word to escape, but she has no interest in it. Instead, she claws at my wrist, and moans in defiance.

Achieving nothing.

In an instant, I release her throat and pull her hand up to the first restraint. “No,” she exclaims, but the click of the cuff disagrees. Still no safe word.

Her other hand tries to evade me, but the rebellion is short lived and she now finds both hands held above her.

I kiss the top of her head.

An act of tenderness, yes, but also one that patronises her attempts to resist. She wriggles under me, dwarfed by my size, kicking as her cheeks burn with embarrassment and arousal.

Time to deal with those legs.

I seize her foot and clasp it into place. Her energy levels are flagging and the second foot is fixed in too.

I stand at the end of the bed and take in the view. My dirty little slut is trapped and exposed.

Her face reddens further with shame and concealed bliss.

She is captured prey.

Vulnerable, restrained, waiting to be devoured. It’s a thrill to know I can do whatever I want to her.

What I want is to play with her brain. I want her lurching between begging me for relief, and shame at what a desperate little whore I’ve made her.

I stand beside her and reach down to her cunt. She’s completely drenched already and I tell her so.

I tell her that she said no, but her cunt is spread before me now, weeping just at my presence.

I tell her what a needy little sub she is, to soak the sheets this much for me.

I take out my cock and put it near her face. She moans in a high, needy little voice that makes me chuckle.

“You want this dick?” I ask.

She can’t speak, so she just nods and strains her neck to try and reach it. Her tongue offering a bed for it.

But she can’t get to me.

She pouts and then furiously pulls against her restraints, thinking if she can just make a few more inches, she can get my dick inside her mouth. She stretches her neck and tongue – close, but not close enough.

I laugh again and her face flushes, realising how desperate she must look.

I reach down to rub her clit, and she swears aloud.

I know her boundaries, her pressure points, and I vary the speed until I read that the orgasm is rushing up inside her. Just as it is about to crest, I abandon her cunt and grab the hair on the back of her head.

With it, I force my dick deep into her needy little face, allowing the orgasm in her cunt to perish in agonising fashion as she gags. Her eyes water with torturous need & the sudden expectation to accommodate me in her throat.

Before she can take agency in sucking it, I pull out.

If she were brave enough she would swear at me now. Instead, her pupils dilate and she looks up at me with needful hurt.

Her fight is long dead. I touch her cunt again and she moans.

It weeps more than ever and I tease her for a few minutes. She can’t move her legs or reposition her body. She has no way to brace herself from all the waves I send through her.

I don’t allow her to come. I leave her cunt empty. And she is being driven insane.

I taunt her some more, and ask her how much does she want my cock.

She manages to say “please”, and only “please”. Over and over again. Her begging is humiliating and beautiful and she makes me feel like the most powerful man in the world.

My dick pulses with the undeserved worship she feeds me, and I climb on top of her.

She is denied all the automotive functions her body attempts, trapped against the restraints. She can’t wrap her legs around me. She can’t clutch at the back of my head. She can’t kiss me.

She can only lie underneath me, and pray that I will crush her fragile and submissive body under my weight, finally releasing her from her madness
I push my cock against her clit and I hold. I wait. Her eyes stream and she is still talking.


Then I force my cock into her cunt and she cries out.

What was empty is now filled, stretching and gripping me with the force of an addict, terrified I might pull out. My lips press against hers and her tongue leaps into my mouth, finally allowed to express her desire.

Her greedy tongue and her throbbing cunt are the only body parts which can participate, as she lies, spread open, being fucked by her Daddy.

I can feel her muscles ignore all sense as they still try to touch me. She has no control.

She can only be used.

I hold her throat and tell her to take all of me. She nods, weeps and then comes as I fuck her harder and faster.

I sink my teeth into her lower lip, and the very moment I start pumping warm cum into her is the moment she takes back her power.

Her cunt shudders around me and she moans into my mouth.

“Give it all to me Daddy,” she breathes.

And I do. My dick pumps more and more cum inside her, as if it never knew how to do anything else.

We both come down, I collapse on her and rest my head on her chest.

She kisses my head, and asks me a question to which she already knows the answer.

“Was I a good girl, Daddy?”

“Always, little girl. Always.”


If you enjoyed this bratty sub erotica, you can hear more of JM Seaborn’s work as audio here, check out his Twitter @JMSeaborn, or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 

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  • Gaia says:

    There’s a throaty noise happening, that I can’t quite describe. It’s a growl, that’s what it is.
    Beautiful, I’ll keep this one as a point of reference for my brat-training. I can defy, and fight-back to an extent, but there’s no going back once I’m fuckpuddled, fuckwrecked, and he knows it. Practice makes perv-fect, though, we’ll keep at it.

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