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Bondage kits, anticipation, and a sexy story…

One of the things I love about buying things online is the anticipation between ordering and receiving. While a new pair of black ankle boots provides me with a thrilling tingle, when it comes to sex toys the build-up is even greater. Particularly if it’s something that could be used in more than one way, and you get to plan all the different ways you’ll use it.

The next installment of the Sex Fairies project (in which SexToys.co.uk gives people free toys and then they write hot things about them), the brilliant @waitingirl13 has a sexy story for you. It’s the first of a 2-part erotic story inspired by the Sportsheets Bondage Fantasy Kit, which you can buy from Sex Toys for less than £20. Use the code GOTN10 to get 10% off anything on their site.

I’m delighted to be able to host it here because not only does it capture that delicious build-up of anticipation, it also neatly demonstrates that if you want to join in with Sex Fairies you don’t have to just write a review. You can put pen to paper and write what makes you hot…


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Accommodator: can double penetration live up to the fantasy?

With one of these you too can be like that dude off Reddit who had two cocks and who i fell in love with a bitAre you ready for a smoking hot double penetration fantasy, combined with a story about the couple who tried to make that DP fantasy come true? ‘Course you are. This is the next post in the Sex Fairies series, in which SexToys.co.uk fulfil people’s requests for cool products, and those people write about them for your entertainment and arousal.

Today’s intrepid poster and her partner had a fantasy about achieving double penetration, and she requested the accommodator dual penetrator (pictured below). I have always fancied trying something like this out myself – it’s a pretty unique kind of strap on, given that it allows the wearer to have two dicks to fuck with. I know, right? Super hot. Read on…


BlueMotion Nex 1 panty vibrator: a dirty little secret

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be stimulated in public by an eager person with a vibe control in their hand?

This is the first post in my Sex Fairies project (where anyone can request a sex toy they’ve always wanted, and SexToys.co.uk make some of those dreams come true). When I started it I was inundated with awesome suggestions and requests for toys, but one toy got more requests than any other: The BlueMotion Nex 1 Panty Vibe. Why? Well perhaps it’s because it’s futuristic and stuff: the vibe sits in your pants and is controlled by an app on your phone, meaning you can give your handset to someone else and let them dial up or down the vibrations. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of very few sex toys you can use in public without being arrested. Perhaps it’s just because, well, it looks really fucking fun.

The aim of the Sex Fairies project is less about reviewing toys (because lots of bloggers do that really well already) and more about the overall experience. When you’re given a toy you’ve been wanting for a while, does the hotness live up to expectations? We gave a knicker vibrator to a submissive, horny lady and asked her to let us know…


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A new thing for 2015 in which we give away free sex toys

UPDATE March 2016: I’ve put this on hold for the moment, for lots of different reasons. I’ll try and revisit it at some point, but for now please don’t submit any more sex fairies requests. 

Ever wanted to test a particular sex toy, or fancied trying your hand at sex blogging? Well, now you can do both, and get paid for it.

As a sex blogger, I am frequently offered new toys to try out – from intense vibrators to amazing bits of bondage equipment. Unfortunately, I find it easier to write hot stories than reviews (other people do sex toy reviews way better than I ever could), and I’d need at least twenty-five lovers and a hell of a lot of clones to cover everything.

So I thought I’d throw the opportunity open to you, and give my sponsor the opportunity to play ‘benevolent sex fairy’ at the same time. If there’s a sex toy (or lingerie set, item of bondage equipment, brand of lube or anything else) that you’ve always wanted to try, then SexToys.co.uk has kindly agreed to make your dreams come true.