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Guest blog: My OnlyFans is more than just a job

Today’s guest blogger is Rose of On Her Back – check out her blog, Twitter and OnlyFans! That last one is the reason she’s here today – to tell you all about why she started up an OnlyFans, and how it swiftly became more than just ‘a job’ during Covid, but a much-needed confidence boost and welcome addition to her sex life. 

CN: discussion of weight loss


Guest blog: Playing with a client who had a Bond Villain kink

Much like today’s guest blogger, the fabulous Laura Savage (@thatlaurasavage), I am a huge fan of specific, unusual kinks. I love hearing about the scenarios that turn people on, and the ways in which people plan scenes to cater to something very precise. So when she offered me a guest blog about a client who had a Bond Villain kink, I whirled around in my office chair stroking an imaginary cat and cackling with villainous glee. Take it away, Laura…


Guest blog: Diary of a camgirl

This week’s guest blogger is here to give you a peek behind the scenes into the life of a camgirl. I have loved camming (and particularly the details about how to market your own cam work) ever since I went to a talk by Chaturbate at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in the US, and later thanks to the exceptional movie Cam (and later the book Camgirl) by Isa Mazzei. Today, Catey is here to share her take on what it’s like to work as a camgirl: the pros, the cons, and most importantly the people.


Guest blog: Wand vibrators, camming & the best money we ever spent

Today’s guest blogger is the fabulous Amber Parks, a camgirl and huge fan of wand vibrators, as you’ll be able to tell from her awesome post below! It is always a pleasure to meet a fellow kindred spirit – the day I fell in love with my own Doxy wand is not one I’ll ever forget, but Amber’s gone one better by using it in her camming work and making it pay for itself many times over. When you’ve read her awesome guest post, check out Amber’s blog Cruel Princess or follow her on Twitter @acruelprincess to see more of her work!


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The Sex Workers’ Opera is pretty extraordinary

“Do you want to go and see a show about sex work?”

“Ooh, yeah, that sounds interesting. Tell me more.”

“It’s a combination of storytelling and political activism.”


“Told via the medium of song.”