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A promise to keep: She helps me rediscover my orgasm

This gorgeous guided masturbation/fisting story in which our narrator gets help to rediscover her orgasm is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

I haven’t always had to pay for my orgasms. I’d given up caring about stigmas, however, when my years of anorgasmia were overcome under Naomi’s firm guidance. So when her text pinged that morning, I put my coat right back on and headed out.


Guest blog: My first time with a cis woman

Regular readers will already be familiar with Jenby’s excellent work. I’m going to keep the intro for this very short indeed, it’s just here to let you know that the following contains references to transphobia and violence, and I’m extremely grateful to her for tackling this. Here’s a piece by Jenby about her first time with a cis woman.

Prosecco and coconut oil – we made a real mess

This story is part 2 of ‘The Virgin and the Escort’ – written and read by Ariadne Awakes. “For my 40th birthday, I decided to treat myself to my favourite thing: you. I bought the whip and the spreader; you bought prosecco and coconut oil…”


Guest blog: My OnlyFans is more than just a job

Today’s guest blogger is Rose of On Her Back – check out her blog, Twitter and OnlyFans! That last one is the reason she’s here today – to tell you all about why she started up an OnlyFans, and how it swiftly became more than just ‘a job’ during Covid, but a much-needed confidence boost and welcome addition to her sex life. 

CN: discussion of weight loss


Guest blog: Playing with a client who had a Bond Villain kink

Much like today’s guest blogger, the fabulous Laura Savage (@thatlaurasavage), I am a huge fan of specific, unusual kinks. I love hearing about the scenarios that turn people on, and the ways in which people plan scenes to cater to something very precise. So when she offered me a guest blog about a client who had a Bond Villain kink, I whirled around in my office chair stroking an imaginary cat and cackling with villainous glee. Take it away, Laura…