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Sexy link roundup: Halloween hotness

This week I wanted to share a few of my favourite Halloween-themed things for your perusal. As you probably know, I am a big fan of combining spookiness and sexiness, so I am always delighted when sex bloggers manage to do that spooky/sexy combo well. Headers below are links, click through to see the posts/tweets.

Joanne’s Frankenstein Dildo Review

“I don’t know where the Dr is but a big brute of a monster grabbed me and threw me into a small cell whilst grinning through broken teeth.”

This is no ordinary dildo review – the cartoons and accompanying story turn it into something incredibly special. Also, you know, you get to see what Frankenstein’s cock might look like.

Mollys Daily Kiss: Howl at the moon

This picture (very NSFW, be aware before you click) is such a beautiful combo of macabre and hot.

Ella Scandal’s Frankenstein Fleshlight Review

Yep, more sex toys that look like monsters. This one I like not just for the monster connection, but also because Ella is a person after my own heart…

“Watching the Fella fuck things is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I love sitting back and seeing how his body moves, watching his expressions and listening to whatever sounds he makes (he isn’t a moaner, as a rule). And, even though it takes a bit of manoeuvring with pillows and such, one of the best things to watch him use is the Fleshlight, hands-free.”

Kinkcraft’s Latex Halloween Photos

And as a little bonus, here are a couple of gorgeous photos from Kinkcraft’s latest latex clothing photoshoot: delightfully Halloweeny!

Kinkcraft make absolutely stunning plus-size latex outfits. Check ’em out.

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