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I’ve had a hard day / Fuck my face

He likes me to greet him when he comes home from work. But ‘greet’ means different things to different people. To him, it means ‘come and meet me at the front door, give me a hug and kiss like you missed me.’ I’d prefer to greet him on my knees, mouth open, ready for him to tell me “I’ve had a really hard day at work” before proceeding to brutally fuck my face.


Guest blog: Will he be released from chastity?

Please welcome this week’s guest blogger, @WaldorfSixpence, who has a hot BDSM story for you. He also has a special place in my heart because we’ve been following each other on Twitter for ages, and I bloody love it when readers become writers, and offer up their own erotic tales to share. His fabulous guest blog does that deliciously sexy thing where it balances right on the edge of sexual tension, as one guy aches to be released from chastity


Guest blog: His first prostate massage

As soon as I read the sexy story for this week’s guest blog – about an intense first prostate massage – I knew a whole lot of you would fall in love with it. This week’s guest blogger is not only an incredible writer, she is a passionate domme on a mission: to get femdom the kind of mainstream attention that maledom got after 50 Shades of Grey.


Guest blog: Blow job feedback

For this week’s guest blog I’m welcoming back the fabulous @DivaFoof! She’s written some hot smut for me before, about a deliciously BDSM-y shag that started with a kiss, and if you’d like to hear her sultry, sexy voice she’s also recorded some audio porn of my own post – fuck me like you’re wanking. Today she’s here to share a story about an illicit blow job, which ends with the best kind of blow job feedback…


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Guest blog: Bottom euphoria – fucking as me

I’m really excited about this week’s guest blog, it’s hot and sweet and vulnerable and gorgeous. Please welcome Dissembling Cub, a non-binary trans guy who’s here to share a story about getting fucked for the first time ‘as’ a guy, wearing a double-ended dildo. Sometimes writing sex stories is like performing for people, fucking in a theatre to which anyone can buy a ticket. Other times, like this one, it’s like opening up the bedroom door and letting people peek through into some of the most intimate sexy bits of your life.