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On being out of your league

This. Does. Not. Mean. Anything.

Let’s stop using this phrase, yeah? Because what it implies is that one person is better than another purely on the grounds of sexual attractiveness.

I don’t know about you, but I’d find it difficult to rank the entire human race on an objective measure of sexuality. Sure, there’s a fuzzy and generic scale on which we might say that more people want to fuck Anne Hathaway than Anne Widdicombe, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no one who finds Widdicombe’s rotund Tory cuntitude more shag-worthy than Hathaway’s fey charm.

Have you ever passionately lusted after someone and had your friends tell you you’re mad? Because I have. I love guys who are not conventionally attractive – guys who might be a bit shy about their pot-belly but have hands that I can’t look at without imagining filthy things. Guys who are old enough to be my parents but have disgustingly compelling ‘come to bed’ eyes, and an aura of dominance that Brad Pitt will never achieve. There are guys that I want to fuck because they’re funny, because they’re angry, or because they seem like they’d get hard just waiting for me at the bus stop. Boys who’d prompt my friends to stare and my parents to raise surprised eyebrows.

Guys who might generally think I was ‘out of their league’ are frequently the exact ones that I want to bury my fucking face in. Why? Because if they hold me in such high esteem I imagine that there’d be a spectacular erection and enthusiastic sex if I were to take them somewhere private.

I am in no way out of anyone’s league, and damned if I think anyone’s out of mine. The issue in any situation where you’re propositioning someone is simply whether there is mutual attraction. By all means turn someone down because you don’t fancy them, but don’t assuage your guilt by implying that no one else like you would fuck them either.

Some women are genuinely offended to be propositioned by someone who they don’t find attractive. In these cases ‘out of your league’ serves the dual purpose of being a painfully effective brush-off and also a consoling tool for those who place a pathetic mountain of importance on their own appearance.

If I don’t fancy you I won’t shag you – I’ll turn you down as nicely as possible, and perhaps even point you towards a friend who I think might be turned on by your specific charms. But be assured: if you want to fuck me you’re in my league, it’s just that sometimes I don’t want to play.

And to those who actually use the phrase ‘out of your league’ to refer to potential partners, I’d strongly advise that you piss off far out of my earshot. I am liable to step in in situations where someone’s been brave enough to make an approach and has been shot down with the kind of cold-hearted bitchery that’ll take them years to get over. What’s wrong with saying ‘no’? Why do you have to turn it into a weird competition for attractiveness that will destroy the confidence of someone who may already be lacking it in the first place?

If some misguided league system is your reason for not fucking someone then I’m afraid we’re not just in different leagues, but playing different games altogether.


  • Martin @brightnomad says:

    “Leagues” are also misleading in another way. My ex-wife was to many people ‘beautiful’ but by far one of the most boring lovers I’ve ever had. On the other hand an ex-girlfriend of mine who I am still very close to, is probably one of the most amazing lovers but to outward appearances is not the most beautiful (to me she’s one of the sexiest women alive I may add). Some people may have rather plain outward appearance but once naked or in bed are incredible lovers; in reverse some ‘beautiful’ (opinion) people are just plain boring.

    I judge people by whether I could bear to wake up next to them and have a conversation in the morning. Whether I want to kiss them and how nice their body might feel to hold. Most importantly I judge them by their mind. The sexist thing about a person is the brain that controls everything else (well apart from on a few beers and stomach upsets but the point remains).

    I don’t care about leagues. I care about whether I can get that gorgeous musically gifted scientist lady with the amazing body to play around with me. I’m hoping she likes me for who I am. If she doesn’t it’s her loss as I’d have made her feel amazing.

    If you tell me you want to sleep with me and I don’t want to sleep with you; I’m genuinely flattered you found me attractive and as this blog post points out I’ll do my damnedest to get you the loving you deserve but I can’t offer.

    PS if there are any Scientist ladies who fit the above description… I don’t mind being your friend either… but wow you look hot wearing that lab coat.

  • Martin @brightnomad says:

    PS: Typo – SEXIEST thing about a person is their mind.

  • girlonthenet says:

    Hehe, glad you added the second as it sums up the entire point of your first.

    It took me a while to reply because I was too busy looking to see if there’s a widget to add a ‘Holy fuck I agree with this so hard I just wet my knickers’ button to comments. Suffice to say I agree with you. It’s usually very easy to perv on people’s bodies but if they open their mouths and what comes out is godawful then suddenly you start seeing everything about them that’s unsexy.

    • DforDerivative says:

      I also want to say that I agree with this discussion. If someone sets my imagination going, I can’t get them out of my mind at all.

  • DforDerivative says:

    I love your blog! You a) always talk a great deal of sense and b) you say it in a clear, effective style. You’re like the opposite of Carrie Bradshaw – you should consider bundling all these articles together in some sort of “No Bullshit Guide to Modern Dating” and stick it on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

  • fenn says:

    It’s a good way to sort the men from the boys imho. If someone thinks you’re out of their league, they probably don’t have the confidence to fuck you the way you want.

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