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On sexy accents

The other day a guy jokingly told me to ‘get tae fuck’ in a drawling Scottish accent. It was so thick and deep and heavy I felt like I was being beaten with it. His words were good, but his accent laced them with a thoroughly silky sexuality that left me reeling a bit. In my fevered imagination later that day, the guys who play out porn scenes in my head adopted the same sexy accent – rolling their rs as they pounded six shades of fuck into me.

Is it a direct association? One of the men I have loved deeply in my life was Scottish. I sat for hours with him on the phone, enjoying even his most tedious of stories as he muttered them down the earpiece and directly into my brain. But it can’t all be down to direct association – some of my favourite sexy accents come not because I’ve fucked a speaker but just because I’ve listened in gaping, lustful awe as a hot guy on telly spits sexy rage in a specific dialect.

My own accent is – for the most part – boring. It swings between posh-phone-voice and drunken slag, depending on how many glottalstops I bother to suppress. I’m sad to have no sexy voice of my own to exchange with gorgeous men, but for the record here is a subjective and inexhaustive list of five sexy accents that make my legs quiver.

Top five sexy accents

5. Southern US

Spot five on my ‘sexy accents’ list swaps in and out depending on my mood, and is usually dictated by the latest sexy thing I’ve seen on telly. Currently it’s the Walking Dead, in which Daryl Dixon plays a crossbow-toting, hunt-and-shoot sex God of undeniably epic proportions. His accent isn’t thick, but there’s just enough of just the right tone to make me imagine him drawling ‘git back here, woman’ as I get out of bed.

4. Irish

I KNOW RIGHT. I am as shocked as you that this doesn’t take the top spot. For years Ireland has reigned as the country with the sexiest accents, and not just because of amazing sex words like ‘ride’ and ‘lad‘. From Irish barmaids offering to top up your pint to Irish gentlemen offering to get on their knees and pleasure you with their grinning, eager face, most people I know have had a fantasy about someone inviting them to bed with lilting, singsong tones. It’s up there as one of my favourites, though, and I think it always will be.

3. Scottish

I don’t blame you guys if you vote for independence I just… can I make a small request? Don’t be strangers. Call us up every once in a while and say ‘pish’ down the phone, and bark sexy swearwords into our eager ears, because everyone knows Scottish is officially The Best Accent To Swear In. In fact, even if you do vote for independence, I will still love you just as much as I do right now – I think we’ll reach Peak Excellent Swearing Point if an entire country full of Scots rise up as one and, in a booming, angry voice, tell England to “get tae fuck.”

2. Northern

Say ‘butty’ – go on. Say ‘last’. Say ‘bastard’. Say ‘I’m going to fuck you nice and deep in the cunt.’ If you’re crooning these words and phrases in a creamy Lancashire accent, congratulations: you are sexy. You have a sexy, sexy, sexy accent and I want to eat you all up.

1. German

German is given a really fucking bad press as being an ‘ugly’ language, and it’s always annoyed me a bit. Sure, if all you watch is Nazi documentaries on the History channel it’s probably hard to find German sexy – it will have far too many negative associations, and a distinct lack of poetry. But listen to the amazing soundtrack to the spectacular musical ‘Cabaret’ and suddenly it becomes a silky, soft, yet powerful accent. Combining gentle ‘ch’ and ‘ssh’ noises with hard ‘ah’s and sibilant ‘ist’s. I cannot get enough of it.

Before I die, I want to find a man who speaks German and loves spanking. I will seduce him with cake and promises, and he’ll return the favour by whispering gentle filth at me while I suck him off. Then he’ll beat me with a belt while counting ‘eins, zwei, drei’, just to give me a benchmark against which to compare all other sex.