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Guest blog: Twinning – what’s hot about becoming someone else?

I confess, I had never heard of ‘twinning’ until the magic kink fairy (aka incredible guest blogger Jenby) popped up in my inbox to offer me a post about doing it with her girlfriend. These are often my favourite kinds of posts, because I fucking love learning new kink things, and understanding the various ways in which they speak to people’s sexual selves. Twinning is all about transformation – turning one person into another, via various sexy means. I’ll let Jenby herself explain in more detail, along with a super hot story about ‘becoming’ someone else…

Note that this story contains the use of ‘Mummy’ as an honorific – all participants are consenting adults.


Just thinking about how hot you are

I have a habit of staring. Not at strangers – that’s too creepy, even for me. I have a habit of staring at my boyfriend. He’s astonishingly beautiful, and I like to look at beautiful men during moments of downtime. When they’re not deliberately making an effort to be sexy, just going about their daily lives with no idea how stunning they actually are. Sometimes they catch me doing this.


Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen: unrecognisably incredible

When I was young I used to get really pissed off at family events when older relatives would coo “ooh, haven’t you GROWN!”. Yes, Auntie Karen, of COURSE I’ve grown. I was a toddler last time you saw me and now I can read and write and reach the kitchen knives! But now that I’m an adult myself, I understand why grown-ups used to say this. Occasionally someone (or something) will drift out of your life, then return years later in a form so entirely different you simply have to remark upon it. Exclaim: “wow! What the fuck?! How have you changed so much when I am essentially still the same person?!” Let’s talk about the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen.


Practical sex tips: blankets, playlists and banishing shame!

Last week, during the Patreon Q&A, a lovely supporter asked a question about super-practical sex tips – what they described as ‘non-sexy sex tips’. Basically, advice for things one can do to improve the general environment and make sex itself more likely and/or fun. I had a blast answering this, because I think often some of the best sex tips aren’t directly related to play – top positions, sex toy recommendations, best lube for a hand job, etc – they’re peripheral things (like communication) that are all about creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and hot.


This sex toy gave me ten years of extraordinary service

My first long-term relationship lasted 8 years, give or take – we had a fair few yo-yo break-ups towards the end. My most recent long-term relationship managed 9 years in total. But if measured by length of time, the longest sexual relationship I’ve ever had is not with a man, but a sex toy – my favourite ever wand.