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“We need to use your mouth”

A few hours before we’re due to go out, I’m pottering around the flat and these two hot people are hanging out in the living room. You’ve met these filthy fucks already – a few months ago they absolutely annihilated me in the kinkiest threesome I’ve ever been treated to. I choose that phrasing carefully: it really was a treat. Like a brutal sports massage for my masochistic subby side, performed by depraved heroes who really leant in to my request: ‘please ruin me.’


Blow jobs that end with them coming in my mouth

This gorgeous ode to blow jobs is written by Quinn Rhodes of OnQueerStreet, and read here by Matt Johnson. 

I love sucking dick – and love it with a passion that might make me feel like a bad feminist or queer if agency is not very feminist and if dicks could not be very queer. Some memorable blow jobs in the twelve months have involved my partner coming in my mouth, a circumstance that is often a delicious assertion of dominance.


Rugby world cup: I only care about the fucking

This fantastically sexy piece about the Rugby World Cup is by Quinn Rhodes of On Queer Street. Note that the following story contains BDSM, degradation and impact play.

A quick disclaimer: until I sat down to write this post, I had no idea which World Cup was currently in progress, only that my Twitter timeline is currently filled with folks talking about a sporting event. A quick internet search suggested that it’s rugby, but if it’s not clear, I have no interest in the Rugby World Cup: I only care about the opportunities for fucking it can provoke.


The changing room slut: a sports fantasy

Now listen. I know that what I should be doing tonight is cheering on the England team, and I totally will be. But as we get ready for kickoff there are some people watching the match who can’t keep their brain from wandering to one specific fantasy. I say ‘some people’ because conversations with other horny fuckers confirms that I’m not the only one. There may be five of us, ten of us, or ten thousand of us, but make no mistake there are some of us: people who are thinking less about the score than we are about the changing rooms. Specifically, what it would be like to be the changing room slut.


Guest blog: Mercy – humiliated and used

This week’s guest blogger – the fabulous Violet Grey (@v_greyauthor) has already written two incredible posts here: on how much sex millennials are having and what it means to be a submissive feminist. I love her political posts, but I also adore her sexy writing, and you’ll understand why when you read this gorgeous femdom story about a guy being humiliated and used. Take it away Violet…