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My vagina smells great: an ode to genital odour

How good do your genitals smell right now? Go on: if you’re in a place where it’s OK to do so, have a quick scratch and sniff. Really breathe it in. I bet a not insignificant number of you are delighted by the results. I’m certainly one of them: my vagina smells great at the moment.


Irregular periods, fifty shades of discharge and other vaginal admin

Although I’m very pleased with my vagina, I do wish someone had told me, when I was young, just how much of my life I’d spend worrying about all the stuff that happened to drip out of it. Not that I resent the dripping exactly, it’s just I never anticipated there’d be so much of it. And that thanks to irregular periods and other vaginal surprises, it’s entirely unpredictable.


Genital bodyshaming: your tiny cock and my giant vagina

“She’s fucked so many guys, when we shag it’s like waving a stick in the Albert Hall.”

“Maybe her cunt’s normal and the problem is that toothpick you’re waving.”

Or maybe both dick and cunt are perfectly fine, and the problem is between your ears rather than in your pants. Let’s talk about bodyshaming and genitals.


Guest blog: stretching my cunt

This week’s guest blog is by Candi Stretch – of Stretching Candi (very NSFW link) – and she’s here to talk about stretching her cunt. I honestly can’t give it a better intro than that because if you’re anything like me you’ll immediately be intrigued already – by the politics of cunt-stretching, the practicalities of fisting and fitting large objects inside, and everything else that comes along with cunt-stretching as a kink.


Guest blog: what’s wrong with my vagina?

Today’s guest blog is the third in a series by Scarlet Ladies Talk – aka Sarah Beilfuss and Jannette Davies. They run events and workshops to help women explore and discuss their bodies and sex lives, and one of the things they focus on is bodily autonomy: learning to love your body just how it is. In their latest post, Sarah Beilfuss is tackling ‘designer vaginas’, and asking the question: just what exactly is wrong with my vagina?