Guest blog: My first orgasm with a neovulva

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Regular readers will know how much I love a good ‘first time’, in fact I have a tag right here on the blog for it: check out the kickass variety of first times people have shared, from first threesomes to first prostate orgasms and first time visiting a strip club, I adore hearing about those moments of sexy discovery. And if they come with detailed orgasmic descriptions, even better. So imagine how over the moon I was to hear from this week’s guest blogger, Star, who offered to share a pretty fucking special first time of her own: her very first orgasm with a neovulva! Take it away Star…

Pop goes the weasel – my first orgasm with a neovulva

Seven years ago I started a journey. It’s not a journey for which you can pop down to your local travel agent, or even do any kind of pre-planning. It’s a journey that – at best – can only be understood by your fellow travellers and – at worst – can cost you your life.

It’s a journey that by most mainstream metrics I have already completed, even if there have been some recent bumps in the road. The journey I talk about is of course known, at least in modern parlance, as ‘medically transitioning from male to female.’

Last August I had gender reassignment surgery, replacing my existing genitals with ones that are indistinguishable from a cis woman’s. Hence: neovulva, as in ‘new vulva’.

One of the things the surgeons stress to you before having this surgery is that sexual gratification is not guaranteed, especially since I opted out of a full depth vagina (but I still possess a clitoris). There are several reasons this could be the case: nerves that never heal properly, blood supplies that get cut off, or even in some cases, psychological blocks. This possibility never bothered me, since having my testosterone reduced chemically, my sex life had become almost non-existent. I just wasn’t interested. I’m glad my nesting partner and I are polyamorous, as this enabled me to harbour less guilt that we had not played for several years.

Recovery has been difficult, but that’s a story for another day. All we need to know here is that, as things have been healing, I have slowly been reconnecting with an old feeling: being horny. Things started slowly and simply; it was all mental at first. I began getting turned on by kinks I’ve always had, watersports and ABDL especially. Then around Christmas I found myself in a rather unique (for me) position. I had acquired a second partner. Even better, she had all the same kinks as me. You know her around these parts as Jenby Doll.

As we started to explore together, bits of me previously locked started leaping out at me and slapping me round the face, and I had even discovered something new about myself: I could switch! (The face slappings are, henceforth, reserved for Jenby!)

However, even with all these new and regained experiences, I still had not managed to achieve the mythical O. To be fair, I hadn’t been seeking it out yet. I still had some hangups about touching myself and I certainly had not wanted to risk touching my clit. I’m a girl of contradictions: I adore body modifications, but I am also scared of them.

Even though this has very recently changed, I always saw myself as bisexual and as such, have extensively experimented with Grindr. Though most people think of Grindr as an app for gay men, traditionally the gay scene has always been safe to trans people, certainly a lot safer than the mainstream dating scene, and so there is a lot of support there. I mention Grindr because it was the precursor to the “climax” of this story: my nesting partner had arranged to go to a kink event with a few of their other partners/friends, but I didn’t, because I was still not in the mood to go such a long way when I had only recently rediscovered my love of the scene. But by this point I had been getting increasingly horny, so much so that it just happened at random throughout the day, and I had just happened to start speaking to someone on Grindr with whom I had a few kinks in common. We had spent most of the day talking and were going to meet that evening, but unfortunately it had gotten incredibly cold, and since neither of us could accommodate, we had to give the meet a miss. However, this posed a problem: I was starting to go out of my mind with sexual frustration. It was so overwhelming that I decided to throw caution to the wind and try out my magic wand.

I laid down on the bed, under the covers (I love the feeling of being under a duvet), found some hot femboy porn, and tentatively switched the wand on at its lowest setting.

Even on the lowest setting, it felt ELECTRIC. Waves of pleasure ripped through me. Not only was I back, this was better than anything I had ever felt before, even the best sex I’d had up to that point was nothing compared to this.

As the porn started getting spicier, I put the wand up a few more levels. More spasms. I was close. I managed to get my concentration together enough to skip just before the money shot. One more level up on the wand and for a few short seconds my world went black.

After I came to, I felt a huge wetness on the sheet underneath me, and I will admit that panic gripped me. Had I just bled out? Did I piss myself? After a few seconds of heavy breathing, I slowly reached under me, wiped a hand on the sheet and brought it up to my face. It wasn’t red, thank goodness for that. It wasn’t thin, so not pee, but it was sticky so I brought it close to my nose. It was cum! I no longer produced sperm because I had no testicles, but it was undeniably cum. I had done it! I had achieved what many trans (and cis come to that) women have been unable to, an orgasm due to clitoral stimulation.

I lay there crying for about ten minutes and then texted Jenby to tell her the news!

I’ve since confirmed this wasn’t a fluke. In fact I had my first ever simultaneous orgasm (of my life) with Jenby – courtesy of what she calls “the buzzy friend” – who thirty minutes after the deed touched the front of her cute ABDL onesie and very insightfully exclaimed:

“Wow, you came all over me.”

I hope there’s a lot more where that came from.


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