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Guest blog: Caught having sex in the office

No one’s ever asked me this, but if I were a guest blogger I’d want to know: the most popular guest blog ever published on the site is this one – about wearing a butt plug in public. It’s a phenomenal post, written by the excellent @Absolutely_Ruby, who popped back later to record it as audio porn so her sexy words could be accessible to more people. She’s amazing, and her writing is incredibly hot, which is why I’m delighted to welcome her back this week with another real-life sex story, about getting caught having sex in the office…


Watching him wank in the shower

Sometimes something is so fucking sexy it’s tricky to find the words to describe it. But I guess if what I do counts as a ‘job’, that’s what this job is about: finding the words to describe things that are so sexy they transcend language, making me want to curl up into a tiny, horny ball and just rub myself and wail happy things forever. So I’m going to have a go at putting into words the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me: the other day my partner let me watch him wank in the shower. I am now a broken, sated mess.


Guest blog: voyeurism and exhibitionism on the beach

This week’s guest blogger intrigued me by telling me that although he’s used some artistic licence, the basis for this story is true. And I love that, because not only am I guessing which part of this voyeuristic adventure actually happened, but it reminds me that sometimes the most fun erotic writing is a combination of fact and fantasy. Take it away MJ…


Guest blog: She wears leather for me

I read this week’s guest blog three times before I even replied to the guest blogger. Then I ran into the room where my partner was sitting and read it aloud to him. Then I read it again on my own. Then, finally, I emailed him back to say ‘HOLY SHIT YES PLEASE.’ As he explained in his email, it covers fetish and voyeurism but at its heart it’s about relationships. Knowing each other, trusting each other, and doing those things that you just know your partner will love… Jason explains why his wife wears leather.


The way he touched another guy’s dick

“It’s hot when two girls get off, but it doesn’t work the other way round.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know. Like women watching a guy play with another guy’s dick. It doesn’t have the same effect.” 

I’ve had this conversation too many times. Far too many times. There’s a longer blog to post another day about the fact that straight-guy sexuality is so tightly woven into our culture that often dudes struggle to get their heads round the fact that, you know, they can be objects of lust just as easily as they’re subjects. But I’ll bore you about that another day.

For now, in response to the person who said this to me, allow me to describe an interaction so hot it makes my toes clench, even just remembering it.