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A mutual wank – hot mutual masturbation erotica

This hot mutual masturbation erotica, by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu, originally appeared on her website.

I like a good ole wank… daily!

I’d wake in the morning, just gagging and if I didn’t satisfy that urge early on, it’s like my day was doomed.


Southpaw: Caught masturbating in the gym

This post, by erotic author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. 

I drag on the glove, still warm and moist from his sparring. It feels like a bad thing to do—as if I’m invading his privacy, sliding my hands up into an intimate space that belongs to him. Oh, the smell of worn leather and sweat. A shiver prickles from my nape to the backs of my thighs and my knees actually wobble.


Guest blog: Why I love wanking in the cinema

This week’s guest blogger wears two different blogging hats: on some days she you’ll find her writing hot and intriguing words over on her sex blog The Other Livvy, while on other days you’ll find her delivering feminist movie analysis over at SexLoveVideo. Today I’m delighted to say she’s combining both of her passions with a post about surreptitious wanking in the cinema. Dark rooms… no other punters… snacks on standby… take it away Livvy!


Guest blog: Weird wank – I control his dick

I love it when people tell me about unique, sexy concepts that haven’t occurred to me before: a new way to control a submissive, a new sex trick, a cool atmosphere they managed to conjure during a shag. This week’s anonymous guest blogger has exactly that – an unusual and kinky arrangement, which he’s loosely titled the ‘weird wank’. Before we start I want to let you know that he has sought permission from the guy he does this with, who’s happy for him to write about their dick-controlling antics. Enjoy!


What are the best sex toys?

People often ask me for sex toy recommendations, so in this wildly boring but nevertheless helpful post, I’m going to tell you the top sex toys I’d save if my house was burning down and I only had time to grab a few. The main reason for me writing this post is because I am short of both content and cash, but I appreciate that sex toy recommendations are far less interesting than stories about having dildo orgies or watching my other half do a sexy genderfuck striptease. So here’s my offer: I will tell you about the best sex toys I own (i.e. the ones I use most often), you go buy them if you want, I’ll get some money, and then on Sunday I’ll publish some Halloween erotica story that isn’t trying to sell you anything at all. Deal? OK.