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Wankonomicon III: Bedtime wank, exorcism and workplace wanks

It’s that time again! I’m welcoming back Luke – aka @Beardynoise – to deliver the third instalment of the Wankonomicon. In volume 1 of the Wankonomicon he detailed danger wanks, business wanks and procrasturbation. Volume II covered luxury wanks and more. Today, Luke is taking an in-depth look at one of my personal faves – the bedtime wank – alongside workplace wanks and exorcism wanks. Enjoy! 


Wankonomicon II: Co-op wank, luxury wank and experimental wank

Please welcome back sex toy correspondent Luke aka @Beardynoise! A man who is on a quest to catalogue all possible types of wank spanning the entire human experience. After the roaring success of volume 1 of his Wankonomicon at the start of the month, he is back to give you more detail on new and different types of wank, as well as recommendations for excellent sex toys to use for each one. Today: the co-op wank, luxury wank and experimental wank… 


The Wankonomicon: Danger wank, business wank and procrasturbation

Please welcome back sex toy correspondent Luke aka @Beardynoise! He dropped by in May to give you the run-down on his favourite ever masturbator – the Tenga Flip Hole – and now I’ve asked him back to offer up some more sex toy recommendations, alongside giving a run-down of different ways to masturbate. Today: the business wank, the danger wank, and procrasturbation…