A guy once offered to buy my used knickers

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The first time someone put their face in my crotch and grinned at the strong, heady, end-of-the-day scent of my cunt, it was a bit of a revelation. I’d always assumed that the best state for a cunt to be in was clean as a whistle – and by clean I mean utterly stripped of character, cleansed, perfumed, and presented so perfectly that you wouldn’t be able to tell one neat one from another.

Uniformity and cleanliness: as if novelty and natural scent can never be as sexy as something personal.

Obviously that’s not true, and what’s more it’s a bit upsetting that we’re so often told to eradicate any hint of scent from our personal bits, lest our lovers should get their faces close and get to do that sexy *sniff* *sigh* thing that shows just how erotic our cunt smell can be.

Today I’m going to talk about knicker-sniffing, and I should warn you that this blog’s going to go into a fair bit of detail about dirty pants, as well as contain minor plot-based spoilers for Orange Is The New Black. Which is, umm, quite the combination.

A gentleman once offered to buy my used knickers. Shortly after I started this blog, he emailed me some pictures of him wearing a few choice pairs, then asked me to sell him mine. Wait – it was a bit more complicated than that. He wanted me to order him to buy mine. The transaction had been his suggestion, but it had to ideally seem like it had come from me: you will buy my used panties because you’re a filthy pervert and you’ll pay the price. You miserable loser, sitting at home with my knickers clamped tightly to your face while you sniff hard at them, desperate for a trace of my damp, three-day-unwashed cunt. That kind of thing. He specifically wanted me to charge him more than he could afford – name a price that was just a bit higher than he was comfortable shelling out, to increase the humiliation by pushing him slightly into overdraft at the expense of chasing that panty-sniffing thrill.

The first bit, the knicker sniffing? Naturally my cunt twitched at the thought of it. Perhaps it’s narcissism, or perhaps just experience of guys doing this for me before, but the idea of a dude holding my panties to his face while he beats off with a humiliated, broken desperation? Yeah, that gets me in the good parts. Unfortunately, the second part is most certainly Not My Kink, and he stopped the conversation shortly after I said I didn’t want to bankrupt him, and asked him instead to donate what he could afford to charity.

I know, I know. I’m shit at dominating guys – I have never claimed otherwise.

How much should used panties cost?

So, my ‘donate the money’ fuck up leads me neatly on to my main question about used panties: how much do they cost? In the latest series of Orange Is The New Black, tedious narcissist Piper Chapman sets up her own business, selling knickers worn by other inmates of the prison. She pays them peanuts for wearing them, then sells the used underwear for roughly $75 a pop. That’s a fair bit of money to the inmates who earn pennies per hour for their work normally, but is that really the going rate?

I researched. Obviously. And, I have to tell you, I felt a bit guilty about it. Within five minutes of setting up a buyer account on PantyDeal.com, I had two friend requests from enthusiastic sellers, and felt like I needed to change my profile to say ‘I’m just a journalist researching and I feel bad for stalking your marketplace.’ So, sorry. Anyway, for what it’s worth, it seems like used knickers start at roughly £20 – more if you want more than one day’s wear. It’s cheaper if you buy in dollars, though: you can get used panties for $25 and upwards.

Here’s the thing, though: on Orange Is The New Black, people pay just for the knickers. In real life you need to do a bit more: offer photos of you wearing them, for instance. While I’d be up for selling my pants if the price was right, I’d be less keen about having to take photos of me wearing them. Still, if you’re happy to do all these things, then the world of used panties is totally your oyster. Other extras can bump up the value too – period panties, ‘cummy panties’ (which I have put in scare quotes because I still hate the word ‘cum’ even though that probably makes me a word snob), piss-stained ones, ones you wear when you don’t wipe your arse properly. Seriously- these are all things. Isn’t the world awesome?

Laying specialties to one side, part of the hotness clearly comes from the association – the smell itself may be utterly delicious, but there’s added appeal in the extras that come alongside it: my original knicker-buyer wanted the humiliation to be part of it, other people might just enjoy the association of knowing that these panties were worn by that person. Watching someone wear them while they wank (as you can with some sellers) is obviously going to be a bonus for some people.

I’ve spoken to cam girls who’ve told me they get offers to buy panties, bras and tights, as well as sex toys that they use while they’re working. When I mentioned this to a friend he asked how far you could take it:

“Like, obviously people will want to buy sex toys you’ve used on cam, but would that extend to other things too? Could you sell the bedsheets? The lampshade from your bedside table? Oooh, what about the laptop? Like, is a laptop that’s been used for camming inherently more valuable than your average second-hand laptop?”

I would like to know the answer to this question too, because holy shit if it’s true then there are some cam stars who could potentially redecorate their bedrooms every six months or so and make a massive profit from selling off whatever they chuck away. Also because I’m a sex blogger and I have some fetish boots I want to get rid of, so I’m keen to know whether it’s worth me polishing them up and forking out postage to give someone a really excellent foot-fantasy wank.

Used pants from guys

Taking money out of the equation, though: used knickers hit a pretty horny combination for me. They’re sexy and embarrassing. That thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post? The fact that I’ve had it hammered into me by twats like Femfresh that my cunt should smell like roses? That means when a guy smooshes his face into my crotch, and does the sexy sniff/sigh of approval as he inhales my end-of-the-day cunt scent, I die a little with happiness inside. The fact that this has been mis-sold as something guys will hate makes it so much more horny for me when guys love it. One of the sexiest things a guy ever said to me involved my knickers, a scoop of ice-cream, and his enthusiastic face.

Personally, I enjoy the smell of my cunt. It’s warm and tangy and delicious. What I enjoy even more than that, is when guys have used my knickers to stuff my mouth silent while they fuck me. A cloying scent and taste as they stuff them into my mouth, then whip them out when they’re fucking me hardest, so I can cry out exactly as I come. I like doing the same to them.

“Put these in your mouth.”

And I like to watch them do it – eagerly push them into their own mouths, while I sit back and watch.

I like leaving my knickers at a guy’s house and instructing him to wank with them. To get hard, then wrap the silk around the head of his cock (silk underwear is better than lace, for obvious reasons). Ideally first thing in the morning when their personal smell is at its strongest. Embedding it in the satin and lace, pushing the tip of their dick up against the flimsy panels then spurting come through the fabric.

When I joined PantyDeal to look at the prices for used knickers, I was saddened to be greeted by this unnecessarily gendered message:

there is literally no need to gender everything in the world

Surely panty sniffing isn’t only for guys? I love the smell of cock on my knickers. And I love the smell of guys’ boxer shorts.  I’ve been known to drape boxers over my face while I have a nostalgic wank about last night’s shenanigans, or lie face-down in the duvet, on the spot where we last fucked, getting tiny hints of the sour/sweaty/spunky scent of that one fantastic fuck.

There’s no bold conclusion to this blog post – I’m not offering to sell you my knickers (although if anyone who knows me wants to buy me some new ones then I’ll have these vintagey ones please), nor am I telling you that you should sell yours. I just wanted to spend a little bit of time in my own head, exploring the delicious reality of a world in which the best cunts smell like anything other than roses. When sex is raw and natural and horny, and there’s nothing your lover likes better than the concentrated, intense scent of you.

A world in which the best thing to do with knickers is to press them hard against your nose, and inhale deeply.


  • Scent is very high on my list of erotic senses. I mean sure…there are only 5…6 at the most, so “high” is a relative term. But, seriously, the smell of sex is so f-ing hot! I guess I can see the appeal of buying someone’s used panties, but I find it so sad (just a personal thing for me – not judgmental…I figure everyone should do whatever floats his/her boat as long is it harms no one else). And I fully agree with you that companies have sold too many women (and men) on the idea that we should not smell like humans…we should smell like their chemical creations instead, which mainly smell like cash. Thought-provoking post!

  • Hmmm!

    I remember writing about Peter asking for a pair of my panties at the end of our weekend of love sequence of stories from 1964 and he put his nose straight into them. We laughed about it. In 2010 when he found me again I discovered he still had them and keeps them in our deed box! I guess any aroma has now dissipated.

    However, while I agree that we shouldn’t be applying femfresh and other scents to our genitals, a clean vulva allows a man to smell and taste the fresh aroma and flavour of us. It is the lubrication which oozes from our vagina which provides the scent and Peter, plus other previous lovers, say they enjoy the scent enormously. When lubrication is getting old, though, bacteria develops within it and this can make the taste stronger and most would probably say unpleasant. I am sure some would call it an acquired taste! Some people like Laphroaig whisky – I think it tastes like gasoline. We all have preferences.

    Female ejaculate apparently varies quite a lot according to Peter. Mine tends to be either musky or neutral with a slight sweetness. I don’t know what it would smell like if it had been hanging around on a pantie crotch for a few days. Not sure I really want to find out, either. LOL.

    The taste of a penis is normally a fairly neutral man-scent, but as it becomes more aroused there is the pre-cum taste and finally the ejaculate taste. Peter’s pre-cum is simply divine, but his semen is not particularly pleasant. I tolerate it because I love him and know how much he enjoys fellatio. The taste can vary considerably between men. I have discovered that if a man drinks a lot of fruit juice, particularly pineapple juice, his pre-cum and semen tastes much better. Half a litre per day for seven days makes a huge difference. Smoking is an absolute ‘no’. I have been unfortunate enough to encounter four smokers intimately and all of them had strong tasting pre-cum and vile semen. One Indian man actually had curry-flavoured semen! So diet and smoking does have a big effect.

    Again, as time goes by the smell of a penis can become as unpleasant as the smell of an unclean vulva. The cause, again, is bacteria which produces smegma which develops in the folds of the vulva and under the foreskin of a man. I can tolerate it, but prefer a clean set of pipes if I’m going down on him. I suppose some might have a fettish for it, but neither Peter nor I do.

    I know this is all personal preferences, but I still believe clean is best. No need for artificial scents though, be it femfresh or Chanel Allure Sport!

  • Ian says:

    I’m sure we’ve all been in situations with other people sweaty, unwashed, and generally all-round unpleasant on the nose. Yet due to the wonders of human evolution we are, almost universally unoffended by our own odour and positively titillated by the scent of those we love (or at least lust after!). Intimate apparel capturing the scents of sexuality I can definitely understand the appeal. I’ll even admit, cock in hand, penis-brain on occasions has been tempted by the illict charms of panties from Internet strangers to add a certain exotic note to otherwise mundane masturbation. However climax always brings clarity and head-brain loudly reminds me of the Channel4 documentary (have they produced doco’s on the sex industry from every conceivable angle yet?) which showed a camgirl who sold her underwear laughing with her boyfriend about how purchasers were mugs and how she wiped them on her dog’s slobbering muzzle – cue shot of underwear wiped across dogs face before being dutifully vacuum-sealed.

    Have I taken the occasion undergarmet aide-memoire from a real-world rendezvous, asking permission of course not just randomly pilfering panties, you bet I have. Best wank ever!

  • Jo says:

    Ungh – there is nothing better than coming home from a dinner full of flirting and teasing and sticking my face into my date’s crotch to get a burst of pheromones… then smelling him / her all over again after we fuck and are covered in sweat.

  • Ken says:

    I used to take a much younger, female friend of mine shopping all the time. Usually it turned out to be for lingerie. It was hard enough some times helping her pick them out but some times she would run to another store while leaving me to pay for her stuff. Eventually it led to her dominating me this way and making me shop for her lingerie alone. It also led to me having to wear the ones she didn’t want or whatever. Then we got the idea of me buying them for her but having to buy every pair of her old panties for me to wear. I loved it and so did she. I wore every pair she had no matter how embarrassing it was. Mainly because I like the smell but also the feel of it. Her sister found out and I had to do the same for her too. Then out of the blue she told me I had to give her half a dozen or more pairs of my guy underwear to her. I was embarrassed but super turned on and flattered by it. She never said why she wanted them but took more later on. Tons of fun anyways.

  • Anon says:

    One of the sexiest things my wife has done was to ‘Force me to wear the knickers she was wearing in bed when we started making love and humiliating me verbally whilst I putyputy them on having been also forced to ask her for this . She then forced me to play with myself and annaly penetrate myself till I came in her undies !

  • micky says:

    What a vibrant topic, the sheer power of scent impregnated underwear for ultimate control, vibrancy almost matches your blog, love your writing style, tis as refreshing as citrus

  • Jennifer Lucas says:

    I love dressing men in my Undies, they are so shy and nervous, but so turned on. Rubbing their hard cocks till they shoot their cum inside my knickers, is so horny.

  • Dan says:

    The best & most fragrant panty sniffing experience I had was during the early hours of the morning after coming back from a party. All that gyrating made for strong but delicious scent. Vaginas are awesome

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