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Trolling: which hornets’ nest have you kicked?

We all kick different hornets’ nests. Whatever you write, whether it’s vegan recipes, erotica, news or even lighthearted comedy, at some point or another you’ll have to deal with a gang of angry people who really want you to stop. You’re too X, not enough Y, you’ve pissed off someone’s idol or what have you. Mentioned something controversial. Unless you want to be either bland or silent, you’ll write things that stir up emotions. You offer your opinion. Make an argument. Tell a story.

And in doing so, you’ll probably kick a hornets’ nest.


Guest blog: Facing harassment? Be gentle to yourself

This guest post on harassment is going live at the same time as my post on the same topic, because it’s a perfect partner to that blog. When I spoke at Eroticon, lots of people joined in during the Q+A to discuss their own experiences, and @DJFet74 gave some seriously great advice – from a practical as well as a psychological perspective. She’s kindly written it up so I can share it with you…


Eroticon 2016: GOTN’s meet and greet post

If you’re not a sex writer, look away now – perhaps at this week’s ‘two things’ link roundup. This post is one just for the other writers and bloggers, most of whom I hope are coming along to Eroticon 2016 because it’s going to be amazing fun. It’s a bit admin-y, and I have three things to do:

  • Promote the shit out of Eroticon 2016, because it’s an incredible event
  • Introduce myself so that people know me when I get there
  • Ask other bloggers for some examples to use in my talk


Book launch: chapter 6, How A Bad Girl Fell In Love – text and audio

My latest book is out today! Here are the links to buy it, and if you want to read a sample, then below is the whole of chapter 6, in text and at the bottom in audio (which I think technically counts as audio porn).

Extract below. I’m chuffed that this was the chapter picked for extract because I think it gives a pretty decent overview of the book – a bit of behind-the-scenes on blogging, a couple of fucking lovely blokes, a rant about openness and a dirty lubed-up hand job. Hope you like it.


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Are you cut out to be a sex writer?

Are you interested in sex? Do you enjoy the fact that humans have sex in different ways, with a number of different people, in a variety of interesting positions? If someone tells you about a cool new sex game or a fetish that’s new to you, is your first reaction to go ‘ooh, wow! That sounds interesting please tell me more’?

You might want to be a sex writer.

If any of the above things have made you recoil slightly, a frown of disgust on your face, or made you feel like you should hammer out a comment about how some people are just ‘sick’, ‘creepy’ or ‘gross’? Then I cannot stress this enough, but please:

do not become a sex writer.