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Guest blog: Sex in stories, stories in sex

For a long time I’ve had a discomfort with the way that sex is often carved out and set aside from the rest of any given story. Whether it’s people complaining about how ‘unnecessary’ sex scenes are in movies, or books which get dismissed as trashy just because the characters have the temerity to fuck, I find the way sex is treated in media both frustrating and fascinating. I’d never really been able to articulate the root of this discomfort, but when LJ Amber got in touch with this week’s guest blog, I suddenly got it. They argue the case for sex in stories with such power and clarity – I am so grateful to them for sharing their perspective, and I agree so wholeheartedly with their point. LJ Amber’s debut novel – Song of the Wild Knight – is coming out next week (29th Feb), so please do check that out and share this post if you agree. Here’s to sex in stories, and the beautiful stories we tell through sex.


Three things I loved about Eroticon 2023

I had scheduled in some time today to write a full post about Eroticon 2023 – I knew there’d be a tonne of stuff to cover after the weekend, and I had high expectations of myself that I’d be able to post something that covered a lot of detail. But having slept in till 1pm then frantically written some other stuff that’s more PR-focused than bloggy, my body and brain are both telling me to stop being a dickhead and have a rest before I tackle the big stuff, so I’m going to do a quick three things I loved about Eroticon 2023 (one speaker, one sponsor, and one wonderful moment) with a promise to get a fuller post live a little later in the week.


Eroticon 2023 meet and greet: Hello I’m GOTN

It’s that time again! Eroticon 2023 meet and greet! If you’re new to Eroticon and you want to let people know you’re coming (so they can get excited to meet you/keep an eye out for you to say hello in the pub), join in and copy/paste the questions then post the answers on your own blog. I know the main point of this is to say hi, but it also provides an extra function which is encouraging those who might be wavering to buy a ticket (or apply for a free ticket if money is tight) and come join us. So… join us!


Spunky spree: Webcam sex with wordplay

This fabulous webcam sex story is written and performed as audio porn by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

I sighed and read the sentence a fourth time, slowly, so I wouldn’t trip up: “Katerina’s coquettish curtsy was her very own poetic punctuation to the resplendent recollection of having conquered such a cacophony of cocks in one evening.”


Only 51 days till Eroticon 2023!

Eroticon is the conference for sex bloggers, erotic writers and other creative types, and Eroticon 2023 will be held on June 10/11 (Saturday and Sunday) in Camden. It is, hands down, the most useful and fun event I ever go to, and I’m shamelessly evangelical about it. If you’ve ever looked at what I do here and thought ‘that GOTN is a lucky fuck, to be able to bang on about shagging for a living’, you’re correct. I am lucky. And although obviously a lot of the credit should go to the incredible guest writers and readers I work with, and the sponsors who support what I do here, a huge chunk should also go to Eroticon: the launchpad to my career (if you wanna call it that, which I absolutely DO). Whether you’re a new blogger hoping to establish yourself or an old hand wanting to expand your skills and learn more cool stuff, or just a curious person with a desire to get stuck in to some sex-related creativity, come join us in June for Eroticon 2023!