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Guest blog: How do you fuck in a fifth wheel?

Thanks to a previous guest blogger, we’ve already been introduced to the unique hotness and challenge of fucking on a narrowboat. This week’s guest blogger – @pervy_thoughts – would like to introduce you to a new sex challenge: fucking in a fifth wheel. What is a fifth wheel? I’ll let him explain…


Things that don’t happen in porn that happen in real life

After he’s come, he likes to stay inside me. Chatting and whispering and feeling the post-fuck squeezes of my cunt when I giggle. I used to think this was rom-com bullshit – too cheesy and cute for me to bear. But fuck it, it makes him happy, so it’s crept into my repertoire – this post-fuck clinch with him inside me and me enveloping his cock. It’s one of a number of things that don’t tend to happen in porn.


ElectraStim AXIS – I want to feel the music inside me

Not something I ever thought I’d experience, to be honest, but courtesy of the incredible ElectraStim AXIS… here’s a blog post about feeling music throbbing inside my ass.


“When I count down to one you will come for me”

“I’m going to count backwards from ten, and when I reach one you’re going to come for me. Got it?” She gets it. But she doesn’t get it. The things she has done in her mind have never prepared her for something like this: to be able to come at the sound of his voice. The numbers alone. The tick of his verbal clock counting her down to one, and up to a climax. But she isn’t one to refuse a challenge.

This story contains some fairly intense BDSM/dominance, and fantasies of implied non-consent.


Don’t fuck the priest: Fleabag and the art of longing

Damn right we’re gonna talk about Fleabag. This post contains spoilers, so catch up on Fleabag on iPlayer if you’d like to see it before you read on. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that the audience of Fleabag is dripping lust into sofa cushions across the country, because we’re desperately willing her to fuck a priest.