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Dating challenge complete! I chatted up a man in real life

This man has spent the last twelve months greeting me with eager smiles each time I see him. When I walk into the shop, he looks up and sees me then beams a fully radiant grin. I return it with gusto, and he smiles even more brightly. Something about this guy’s warmth makes me want to get to know him better. But something in every fibre of my being recoils at the idea of being bold enough to actually ask him out.


No worries if not!

Here are a couple of dates when I’m free – sorry for being such a forward-planning diary twat it’s just that I’m very busy and I’d really like to see you so it’s better if we book it a long way in advance. Let me know if either of these works for you. No worries if not!


Guest blog: The best way to serve birthday cake (nyotaimori!)

This week’s guest blogger pitched me their piece as ‘first time sploshing’ and it is definitely that: delicious birthday cake served in a truly sexy way. There’s another word for what happens in this piece too, though, which I wanted to introduce you to in case you, like me, enjoy learning incredibly specific terms for super-hot kinky acts: nyotaimori. It’s a Japanese word meaning ‘to serve food off a person’ and it was featured on Kink of the Week last year. I love the concept of it, and adore it even more if the food being served is cake. This week’s guest blogger combines first time sploshing, nyotaimori and group sex in this creatively sexy post about getting your birthday fantasy fulfilled…


Single life: a romance

I get these bursts of it, every now and then. Like a high. It swells upwards and outwards from the centre of my chest – rushing with a power that’s so much stronger than the first tingles of love. In the beginning, these rushes were so intense that sometimes they’d stop me in my tracks. Make it so I had to pause whatever I was doing and just breathe for a few seconds. In and out. Spine straight, shoulders back, slightly light-headed like you get when you stand up too quickly.



Guest blog: The Laundromat – ‘There’s only this’

The hardest thing about editing today’s guest blog was stopping myself from holding my breath as I waited for each beat of it to drop. The pace, rhythm, atmosphere and intensity of this story is so good it genuinely fucked with my breathing. This gorgeous piece of erotica about a powerful and intense casual sex erotica is by Clara Dunn (@author_dunn on Twitter), who you might remember from her fabulous intro guest blog a few weeks ago, about why you shouldn’t fuck to the album Harry’s House. She sent this one over at the same time, and it is so hot it fucking melted me. I hope you enjoy being utterly ruined in the same way…