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Guest blog: A trip with my butt plug – the joy of the Hotel Wank

The most popular sex toy to write about on a sex blog is the humble butt plug. It gets more search traffic than almost any other term. Perhaps because butt plugs are one of the most universal sex toys: they aren’t limited by the kind of genitals you have, and the variations in size or texture mean there are so many kinds of butt plug that there’s something for (almost) everyone. So I’m delighted to welcome this week’s guest blogger who, after experimenting with butt plugs with his wife, decided to take one of their new toys on a solo trip, and fold it into one of the best kinds of wank: the luxury, private, unrestrained hotel wank.


Mysteryvibe Crescendo: what are smart sex toys for?

“You can’t ‘win’ at fucking, that’s not how it works,” my partner explains to me sternly, as he flips through settings on the Mysteryvibe Crescendo app. “It’s about how well we play together.” I’m temporarily sheepish in the face of his gentle chastisement, until he adds under his breath: “Besides, I’ll win.”


By the time my coffee is cold, he’ll have fucked her

Recently I have been trying to get to grips with the idea of sending my partner off to go and fuck other women while I wait alone at home, ideally wanking and finding the whole thing very sexy, at the very least feeling happy that he’s happy: a brief flash of compersion. It is not easy, but one of the ways I am trying to become acquainted with it is to write erotic stories about it. Here’s one of them.  (more…)

Guest blog: His first prostate massage

As soon as I read the sexy story for this week’s guest blog – about an intense first prostate massage – I knew a whole lot of you would fall in love with it. This week’s guest blogger is not only an incredible writer, she is a passionate domme on a mission: to get femdom the kind of mainstream attention that maledom got after 50 Shades of Grey.


Vagina, mouth or neither: The Bargain Stroker Blind Wank Test

What do you get if you take six masturbation sheaths, two pairs of hands, a blindfold and a bottle of lube? Well, apart from ‘an excellent Saturday night’ you also get to learn some surprising new things about what makes a good stroker. Regular readers will know that I’m on a neverending quest to gather every possible piece of data on how to pleasure a dick. So naturally, strokers are one of my favourite sex toys. Having tested out a variety of them – from the Rolls-Royce pricey strokers to simpler, bargain strokers and even stroking machines I’ve customised myself – the time was ripe to inject a bit of science into the selection. Welcome to the Bargain Stroker Blind Wank Test.