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Sex once a week: We only fuck on Sundays

We love each other. We fancy each other. We live together. I think about his cock almost constantly, and I’m betting he does too. We are inside each other’s heads all the time, and in bed together every night. We touch on the sofas while Netflix is on, and we steal kisses on the tube on our nights out to go and meet friends. And we only ever really fuck on Sundays.

After the report that many Brits only have sex once a week, I considered writing a blog post about why ‘number of times you did it’ is a shit way to measure how happy people’s sex lives are, and how annoying it is that these studies usually only include a very narrow set of acts in their definition of what ‘sex’ is. But that didn’t seem as fun as what I’m about to do, which is write some erotic fiction about a couple who only fucks on Sundays. 


Guest blog: The first time we tried sex supplements

I confess I’ve never tried sex supplements, but this week’s guest blogger has. ‘A’ has dropped by to share a hot story about what happened when she and her partner both embarked on a sexy experiment. As she put it herself in her original pitch email: “You know when you’re sceptical about something but you try it anyway and then the results are *far* better than expected?!” How could I possibly resist a guest blog with an opener like that?! As this is about pills, I need to include a disclaimer that it does not constitute recommendation/medical advice. Instead please enjoy it for what it is: a hot tale about two people who decided to indulge their curiosity…


Hot Octopuss JETT: I want to watch involuntary orgasms

I like watching men jizz themselves involuntarily. It’s one of my favourite kinks, and the driving force behind me doing all kinds of odd things, like making a custom mount for my Fleshlight Launch so I could watch it milk my partner dry of spunk. If you’re interested in involuntary orgasms as well, then I have two things I’d like to introduce you to. The first is the amazing work of @Perfect_Match_X, who produces gorgeous videos of various men being restrained and then wanked to completion while they make delightful orgasmic noises, and the second is the JETT – an unusual new sex toy from Hot Octopuss.


Relationship maintenance: I won’t buy presents for your family

Relationship maintenance is an important skill, and I don’t want you to assume it’s ‘my’ job, just because you’ve seen other women doing it for their partners. So no, I won’t remember that you have to get up earlier than usual next Thursday for a meeting. I won’t book you in for a haircut, or ring your Mum every Sunday to let her know how you’re getting on. And I will not buy birthday presents for your family, wrap them carefully then sign your name on the accompanying card.


Guest blog: The first time I truly loved anal play

Do you remember the first time you ever did anal play? I vividly recall the sensations – both physical and emotional – and the combination of nerves and excitement and taboo. Today’s guest blogger, Shar, is here to share her first anal play experience and explain why she went from ambivalent to enthusiastic…