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Guest blog: Sex with Ana – how anorexia nervosa affected my sex life

This week is eating disorders awareness week, aimed at highlighting the ways in which eating disorders can affect people’s lives, and raising funds for those who are affected by them. Be aware before you read on that this week’s guest blogger, Tempe, is here to talk about her personal experience with anorexia nervosa – explaining how the eating disorder affected her sex life. I’m really grateful to her for sharing her story here, and hopefully encouraging those who are struggling with similar issues to get support and help in tackling them.


Guest blog: I experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction

This week’s guest blogger is May More@may_more on Twitter. She’s here to talk about a topic I had never heard of before I spoke to her. In my opinion, one of the best things about blogging is being able to share some of our most private thoughts, and in doing so help other people realise that some of the frightening or isolating experiences in their lives aren’t unique. In short: you’re not alone, and there may be others who are going through similar things. In today’s post May explains GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction), and the shock of discovering that she was falling for her half-brother.


GOTN’s 2019 Eroticon meet and greet

It’s that time of year again! Just over two weeks to go until Eroticon, the UK conference for sex writers, bloggers, and other erotic creative types. If you’re in or near London on 16th/17th March, and you want to join us for fun workshops and talks on all things sex and writing (and some awesome demos of kink equipment and sex toys from the sponsors) buy a ticket and start planning which of the awesome talks you want to come to!


Pity fuck: She begged for it

When I started writing the emotional fucks series, I posted a revenge fuck story from the perspective of Judy – a woman who had been deeply wronged by a past lover, and sought revenge on him later in life. I liked her, and I really enjoyed writing that story. But – dark secret – I enjoyed writing this pity fuck even more. It was fun to try and write a character so horrible that someone he’d fucked at the age of 20 would bear such a grudge that she’d leap at the opportunity for revenge even 40 years down the line.

Please take that as your content warning for this piece: everything in it is consensual, but that doesn’t mean it’s nice.


Sexy link roundup: loss, lust and a straight-curious romcom

Good fortune, love, happiness and success to each and every sex blogger who remembers to write regular posts giving shoutouts to their sex blogging colleagues. You are heroes, all, and I am sorry I haven’t been as good as I’d like to be lately at joining in. But here I am to share some awesome things I have found over the last few weeks – please do check them out and follow the people involved if you like what they’re creating! Today I want to tell you about a straight-curious romcom,