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Carolyna Luna is a Latina writer from New York City with a penchant for crafting prose of the mostly smutty variety. She spends her days in service to the greater public good but indulges her creative side at night on her blog – There she shares original sexy fiction, audio erotica, sappy verses, and personal reflections as she navigates middle age and those wonderful, pesky, raging hormones. She doesn’t promise happy endings, but she does promise to periodically restrain her fetish for exclamation points! You can also find her as an occasional co-host on From-The-Holler radio based out of West Virginia. Additionally, she shares some of her work on Medium –, and Soundcloud – Carolyna is an avid fan of music, podcasts, bourbon, and moon gazing. She describes herself as a certified geek and wanderluster who loves to get lost down rabbit holes about almost any topic. Carolyna is available for writing and voice commissions and is eager for collaborations. You can reach her via her blog, on Twitter @carolyna_luna and on Mastodon @carolynaluna.

Of whiskey, guitars and sex in cargo holds

This gorgeous story about fucking a hot guitarist is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

Ah, Blondie’s! I fucking loved that place. I always arrived before ten to snag a prime spot at the bar. It was the best vantage point to enjoy the local bands that frequently played there. It was also where Sheila, the bartender, liked to lean whenever she could sneak in a break to offer naughty banter. That night was no different.


A promise to keep: She helps me rediscover my orgasm

This gorgeous guided masturbation/fisting story in which our narrator gets help to rediscover her orgasm is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

I haven’t always had to pay for my orgasms. I’d given up caring about stigmas, however, when my years of anorgasmia were overcome under Naomi’s firm guidance. So when her text pinged that morning, I put my coat right back on and headed out.


Two weeks: a kinky office story

This gorgeous kinky office story is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

I wonder if my employees are curious about the frequency of my shuffling body today. Or of the constant hiss of the pneumonics in my office chair releasing and engaging again as I stand and then sit back down aggressively. No one has commented on the cacophony of its wheels scraping against the floor. They’re used to my furious typing, as I often spend my day that way, but that’s never stopped them from dropping by for the usual interruptions and banter. It’s odd enough for a Friday afternoon when no one’s ever in the mood to work. Even odder because I’m not furiously typing today. As the hours of silence have spilled into late afternoon, I really wonder if they somehow possibly know that my body is trying to betray me…


Those games we play (a sleep sex story)

This fabulous sleep sex story is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. Note that this story contains elements of dormophilia – initiating or engaging in sex while asleep. It’s consensual, and you should not engage in this kind of sex unless you’ve done the important groundwork of discussing it – in detail – with your partner.

“Lourdes? Are you up?”

I was, but I didn’t stir. Sleep next to the same man for long enough and you come to crave the luxury of being roused by his greedy cock in the middle of the night. You also learn his triggers. Dark clouds had assembled to blanket our bedroom in an inky dew. And the cover of a pitch-black night tended to bring out the mischief in Miguel. He was in the mood for one of those games we play.


Spunky spree: Webcam sex with wordplay

This fabulous webcam sex story is written and performed as audio porn by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

I sighed and read the sentence a fourth time, slowly, so I wouldn’t trip up: “Katerina’s coquettish curtsy was her very own poetic punctuation to the resplendent recollection of having conquered such a cacophony of cocks in one evening.”