Those games we play (a sleep sex story)

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous sleep sex story is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. Note that this story contains elements of dormophilia – initiating or engaging in sex while asleep. It’s consensual, and you should not engage in this kind of sex unless you’ve done the important groundwork of discussing it – in detail – with your partner.

“Lourdes? Are you up?”

I was, but I didn’t stir. Sleep next to the same man for long enough and you come to crave the luxury of being roused by his greedy cock in the middle of the night. You also learn his triggers. Dark clouds had assembled to blanket our bedroom in an inky dew. And the cover of a pitch-black night tended to bring out the mischief in Miguel. He was in the mood for one of those games we play.

Our fan had nearly lulled me to sleep before my eyes flickered at his hushed inquiry. And then again with the wooly tickle of his sinewy thighs brushing against mine. His dark silhouette, barely a ghost kneeling beside me, trembled with bated breath. I shifted my body closer toward him while releasing the feigned sigh of a woman in deep sleep that I’d long ago learned to master.

Game on.

Soon, errant droplets of his saliva landed on my cheek followed by the melody of wet friction as he long-stroked his cock. The bedsprings squeaked conspiratorially in concert to the avaricious rhythm as beads of his sweat gripped my skin. I shivered with suspense, relishing in my mind’s eye how his hamstrings and quadriceps must be twitching and flexing – just like they do when I’m on my knees worshiping at the altar of his cock with my mouth and throat. My fingers itched with the desire to touch, but I did not break character, not even when the musk of his balls enchanted my nostrils with the earthy notes of his exertion. I suppressed moans. He suppressed shallow grunts — all part of the game.

But Miguel couldn’t hold back the words as his strokes became shorter and quicker. I parted my lips ever so slightly in anticipation and willed myself to be still as he hissed them — “fuck yes… have it all!”

How he managed such impeccable aim in the dark always impressed me. Streams of his briny jizz felt like satin ribbons striking my face and the sticky sweetness clung to my eyelashes. I shifted surreptitiously so that gravity would help it trickle into my mouth and, then I lay motionless until Miguel was gently snoring in satisfaction. Finally, I could lick my lips liberally with contented visions about how our game would play out.

At sunrise, I’ll awaken him with a smack to his chest and manufacture outrage.

“Miguel! You did it again! What the fuck is up with these wet dreams?”

He’ll chuckle, of course, and offer weak apologies behind a crooked grin while I make a big production about having to dislodge dried bits of his jizz from my matted hair. But then, I’ll sink back into my pillows, spread my legs wide apart, and invite Miguel to savor breakfast in bed as my clit glistens in the morning light.

Until then, I silently savor my midnight snack in the dark and smile. This cum slut’s favorite games are the ones in which we both win.


If you liked this you can find more of Carolyna’s gorgeous work over at her site – – and more sexy stories read aloud at the free audio porn hub. 

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