Spunky spree: Webcam sex with wordplay

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous webcam sex story is written and performed as audio porn by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

I sighed and read the sentence a fourth time, slowly, so I wouldn’t trip up: “Katerina’s coquettish curtsy was her very own poetic punctuation to the resplendent recollection of having conquered such a cacophony of cocks in one evening.”

Stone-faced, Will raised his left eyebrow in that way I liked before responding.

“Well, that is quite a mouthful.” Then added, “but I still didn’t catch it. Read it again.”

Exasperated, I pulled my tablet off its stand and sank back onto my pillow to glare at him through the screen.

“Oh come on! I get it, Will. It sucked. I’m usually subtle, but I got carried with the alliteration here. Ugh! How many more times are you going to make me read it to you?

“Oh, you are many things, Carolyna, but subtle isn’t one of them,” Will growled with a wink.

And then it dawned on me.

“Why, you…you…you’re messing with me! Here I am lamenting my ridiculous contribution to a writing prompt and you…”

He didn’t let me finish. Chuckled mightily.

“I just like the way you say it.”

I shifted my tablet from one hand to the other.

“Say what? Coquettish?”

He shook his head no.

“Oh, so…resplendent.

No answer. Instead, Will lowered the cam of his laptop to follow the trail of his hand gliding over the down of his bare chest, and then creeping inside his boxers. I couldn’t resist licking my lips when his knuckles flexed to reach under and cradle his balls in a deliberate squeeze.

But then, his face was in view again, and he found mine quickly progressing from a wicked grin to a scowling pout.

“You know what I want to hear, woman. Say it and I’ll show you what you want to see.”

I considered his demand. My forearms burned from holding the tablet at just the right angle to give him the best view of my breasts. I could have given in quickly, said the words I knew he wanted, and then proceed to be the greedy good girl he wanted me to believe he expected me to be. Or I could…

“My panties would disagree with you.”

Will tilted his head.

“About what?” he asked.

“That I’m never subtle.”

He sat up on his bed. “That so?”

“Yes. For instance, I could have worn that lacy g-string you mailed me last week, but I went with something decidedly more… demure this evening.”

Will smoothed his hand over his salt and pepper beard.

‘“Hmm, I do recall that I told you no panties tonight, Carolyna.”

“You did indeed,” I chimed back. “But in my humble defence, I was worried that the plug and the vibe would pop out as I was reading to you if I didn’t put any on.”

That news made him perk up. Smirk.

“How very resourceful of you.”

I parted my lips to respond with something teasing and petulant — but before I could form the words — deep, delicious, turbo rumbles to my pussy made me squeal and nearly jump out of my skin.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck… you’re already connected…oh…I…I…fuck…”

Will didn’t relent.

“Mmmhmm. Right here from my phone. It’s why I insisted you talk from your tablet, sweetness,” he retorted. “Now, tell me what I want to hear, or I just might have to slow it down. And don’t you dare disconnect from the app.”

But my response was not what he expected.

All day… all day… I’d been looking forward to our remote play session. From the very first ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ he messaged as I dressed for work; followed by the mesmerizing video he sent of himself edging his magnificent cock during my lunch break; and not to mention the filthy voice notes that just kept coming as I drove home — I’d been ready. But his insistence that I read him my silly sentence over and over again before we could play had made me a soppy mess of carnal anticipation. There was no way I was letting him slow anything the fuck down.

“Make me,” I dared. I panned the tablet down to between my trembling thighs, letting him get a peek of me slipping my fingers into my panties to press the toy harder against my clit before panning back up to my face.

Make me…”

I suspected that my persistent lover was on to me and would stop until I did what he wanted. But Will surprised me. He began to modulate the vibrations in rolling motions with his fingertips onto his phone screen to create high-intensity peaks and deliciously tortuous valleys. Whew… hmmm… but when he lingered over the strongest setting between staccato taps, the rumbles reverberated from the vibe on my pussy through to my metal butt plug, sending me over the edge into sweet, commanding release. My muscles contracted almost violently, my toes curled, and I grabbed at my tits with my free hand, grounding myself while riding the apex.

And he didn’t stop there.

Will brought me down slowly, deliberately. Extending my climax in shudders and waves until I was panting and spent and so sensitive that even the casual brush of my hand against my darkened nipple was too much to bear.

When I could finally collect myself enough to meet his gaze again on the screen, he turned his head slightly and pointed to his ear.

“Tell me what I want to hear, Carolyna”

This time, without any hesitation, I eagerly complied.

“Cacophony of Cocks!”

“Cacophony of Cocks!”

“Cacophony of Cocks!”

Will’s warm, smug smile said it all. He was right. This greedy good girl isn’t subtle.


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