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Popular audio porn in 2020: which hot stories did people listen to this year?

During this absolute trashfire of a year, many people turned to audio porn to distract them from life in lockdown – there was a distinct uptick in the number of people visiting the audio porn hub around the end of March, when suddenly we all became way more restricted. But what was everyone listening to? Here’s the most popular audio porn in 2020.


Guest blog: Your hands. Me. Soaking wet

I am a total sucker for gorgeous hands. Not just the look of them or the feel of them grabbing me, I am mesmerised by watching people do things with their hands – precise, skilful things. Unngh. Today’s guest blog is by Fajolan, who has a breathtakingly gorgeous story about a date who used his hands to exceptional effect long before they ever got into bed…


So you wanna be a very good boy?

A while ago I wrote a post about how – and why – I love being called a ‘good girl.’ Someone told me recently I should write a pair post about ‘good boy’ and naturally I always aim to do what the fuck I’m told, so here goes. I have frequently used the word ‘good boy’ when I’m fucking someone, but as I’m not naturally very dominant, my reasons for using it and the ways in which I use it may well be very different to your own. Nevertheless, here’s how to get a ‘good boy’ out of me.

Note: this post is quite cisnormative, sorry about that. So far all the good boys I’ve fucked have been cisgender. Just be aware that you don’t need to be cis to be a good boy, and I’ve tried to include some non-dick-focused activities in here as well as the more cock-heavy ones. 


Fucking: A poem about how much I love fucking

Sometimes I sit down and try to write something good, but nothing good springs to mind so instead I write a 400 word poem about fucking. Enjoy! Or don’t! It’s entirely pointless and silly!


Guest blog: I sucked my own cock – here’s how

Have you ever wanted to suck your own cock? As a connoisseur of cocksucking, I am inevitably fascinated (and delighted) by stories of people who have managed to suck their own. So when @OxyFromSg (who writes erotica over at this blog) popped up in my DMs to say ‘hey! I’ve sucked my own cock. Fancy a guest blog?’, you can imagine how eagerly I leapt at the opportunity to read/publish something that explains not only how to suck your own dick, but what it actually feels like to achieve it. Take it away Oxy…