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The junk tuck: why I love watching him get dressed

In contrast to some of my longer and ramblier blog posts, this one’s short and sweet. Not quite a love letter, but a kiss blown from across the room. A casual ‘fuck yeah’ when someone suggests something horny or the brief, swift kick you get in the pit of your stomach when something you weren’t expecting turns you on. Today I want to write about the junk tuck.


Every single inch: getting your dick all the way in

Bend over. Put your face in the pillow. Stick your ass out. Spread your cheeks. I want to get my dick as far inside you as it will go: all the way in. 


Obedience and power: the bet

Sometimes writing is about having a great idea then spending ages writing, rewriting and editing until it can work as a story. At other times it’s just about vomiting an idea onto a page and hoping that people like it. If you’d like the former, check out some other erotic fiction here. If you’re happy with the latter, here’s a story I wrote this week.

Content note: this fiction plays with the idea of non-consent/reluctance, so if that’s not your cup of tea please don’t read on. 


10 wank fantasies to inspire you this Masturbation Month

This morning I received a strongly worded letter from the Sex Blogger’s Association, informing me that as I have not yet written any custom content for Masturbation Month, they will soon be removing my Fuckblogger badge and ripping up my membership card. The only way out of this is to write some sauce that explicitly references ‘Masturbation Month.’ So here goes: 10 wank fantasies that you can steal/tweak/edit and enjoy at your leisure.


I’ve had a hard day / Fuck my face

He likes me to greet him when he comes home from work. But ‘greet’ means different things to different people. To him, it means ‘come and meet me at the front door, give me a hug and kiss like you missed me.’ I’d prefer to greet him on my knees, mouth open, ready for him to tell me “I’ve had a really hard day at work” before proceeding to brutally fuck my face.