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Eroticon 2017: sex bloggers, writers, sponsors

If it weren’t for Eroticon, I wouldn’t be a sex blogger. At least, I wouldn’t be a sex blogger who made any money. Since 2014 Eroticon – the annual conference sex bloggers and erotic writers – has been the highlight of my year.

When the lovely Ruby Kiddell announced she was stepping down, a few of us got together to see if we could take over. Now we’re doing exactly that. ‘We’ being:


Two things: ETO show and Xhamster

Super-quick two things this week, because I am currently nursing a gigantic hangover, and then I have to rush out. Good news first, then a weird thing. Ready? Let’s go.


Trolling: which hornets’ nest have you kicked?

We all kick different hornets’ nests. Whatever you write, whether it’s vegan recipes, erotica, news or even lighthearted comedy, at some point or another you’ll have to deal with a gang of angry people who really want you to stop. You’re too X, not enough Y, you’ve pissed off someone’s idol or what have you. Mentioned something controversial. Unless you want to be either bland or silent, you’ll write things that stir up emotions. You offer your opinion. Make an argument. Tell a story.

And in doing so, you’ll probably kick a hornets’ nest.


Guest blog: Facing harassment? Be gentle to yourself

This guest post on harassment is going live at the same time as my post on the same topic, because it’s a perfect partner to that blog. When I spoke at Eroticon, lots of people joined in during the Q+A to discuss their own experiences, and @DJFet74 gave some seriously great advice – from a practical as well as a psychological perspective. She’s kindly written it up so I can share it with you…


EroticonLive 2016 – the last one?

Exhausted and happy – that’s pretty much how I’ve ended each Eroticon I’ve been to for the last three years. From the first, in 2014, when I mostly hid at the back of rooms and tried to pluck up the courage to talk to my favourite bloggers, to the second, where I trembled and rushed my way through a talk. To this one, in 2016, where I laughed with old friends, made amazing new ones, and felt like the luckiest person alive.

This round-up will probably only make sense to the people who were there. If you’re just here for the filth, look away now.

EroticonLive 2016