Eroticon 2017: sex bloggers, writers, sponsors

If you want more in-depth advice on sex blogging, come to Eroticon

If it weren’t for Eroticon, I wouldn’t be a sex blogger. At least, I wouldn’t be a sex blogger who made any money. Since 2014 Eroticon – the annual conference sex bloggers and erotic writers – has been the highlight of my year.

When the lovely Ruby Kiddell announced she was stepping down, a few of us got together to see if we could take over. Now we’re doing exactly that. ‘We’ being:

Sex bloggers/writers

We’re busy making plans, and there’s a bit more information below, but for now: if you are a sex blogger, erotic writer, sex journalist, campaigner, or anyone who thinks Eroticon might be for you, please do come and sign up to the newsletter.

The newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when tickets go on sale, as well as get speaker announcements and venue information. The first newsletter will go out soon, and it will include a link to a survey asking for your input on Eroticon. We’re planning to make Eroticon bigger and more accessible, and build on Ruby’s sterling work – all comments/requests/speaker suggestions are very welcome.


If you’re interested in sponsoring Eroticon 2017, get in touch with me via [email protected]

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