Who am I?

Fun fact: hotels are one of the best places to have sex. Not only do you not need to worry about the bedsheets, you also get free biscuits.Writing about sex on the internet creates a dilemma, if you’ve got a career or a family who would probably rather not hear about the in-depth details of your sex life. At the time I started writing this sex blog, I had both of those things.

Nowadays, sex blogging is my career and not just my hobby (pinch me!) so the risk of getting fired for sex blogging has disappeared. That’s not to say I don’t still have good reasons to stay anonymous, though. I’ve explained a few of those reasons in this blog post: Yes, you can run an anonymous blog and still be accountable.

Because I prefer to be anonymous, I’d appreciate it if you could not try to find out who I am, or share information about me that might crack the fragile anonymity that I’ve worked quite hard to preserve.

Although you may well be able to find out who I am (internet nerds are generally pretty good at that) all you’ll achieve by doing it is to make me panic, potentially put me in danger, and encourage me to shut this blog down. And I’d really rather not do that. I enjoy my job, and I love writing here. So if you know me, or think you know me, I’m asking you to please try to keep my secret as well as you can.

If you’re a member of my immediate family (Hi, Mum!) know only that every single thing I say here is a lie: I have never had sex, and have very little understanding of the mechanics behind it. I imagine you’re in the same boat.

Do you see yourself here?

You’ll likely have been consulted if you’re a significant person in my life who may be identifiable if my anonymity gets stripped – ex-partners, for instance, or people with whom I could be easily associated. You’ve also probably been consulted if we were dating when this blog began, and I wrote a ‘number X’ post about you. However, there are a few people who (very anonymised and unidentifiable) may still want to object if they think they recognise themselves. If you think that’s you, please do get in touch. If you recognise yourself in one of these posts and need me to modify for anonymity purposes I’m more than happy to.


  • Liam says:

    Discovered your blog as an accident during Qedcon. Wish I hadn’t because I’m now sitting here trying to hide a hard on.

  • I am in the process of disciplinary procedures at work thanks to Twitter, so I can empathise somewhat :/

  • Some guy says:

    Found this blog via a retweet. Fantastic reading. Definitely caused some effects.

    Keep it up, oh. you have


  • N. Likes says:

    I may totally plagiarize this page on my blog. It’s awesome. If I do, I promise full attribution.

  • Zack. says:

    Send me ur email adrees if u wana see it im 6’2 im 18 black hair slim i weigh 180 and i have a 10 1/2 inc dick : )

  • Garry says:

    Found your blog through Freddy “The Green Eyed Nymphomaniac” and from what i’ve read so far it’s great. Planning on reading some more.

  • Not My Real Name Obviously says:

    No one told me about your blog. I did not find it. I don’t have any pictures, of cocks or otherwise. I will not keep reading.

  • Rebelleoftheball says:

    Found this because my boyfriend is completely in love with this blog, now I’m a convert, say it like it is girl!

  • rajesh says:

    ur sex thoughtes are very high sweety.

  • Len says:

    I don’t think I know you, but I wish I did. you would make my life complete

  • Mick says:

    I had only read your blog once but I stumbled upon your book on a shopping splurge on Amazon. Erotica aside, your writing is brilliant.

    I don’t get any titalation from reading about domination or pissing (your love of anal does arouse me) but your arguments particularly in reference to the scene in the Love Hotel with No. 8 are so well thought out.

    Does this get lost on other readers?

  • allen Lindquist says:

    i never had sex with any of my students, but i did make love to a former student. She was 18 and told me she was pregnant and had always wanted to see my penis cuz it showed thru my pants in class. She told me she had been watching hard core porn and liked it. when I showed her my penis she said OMG its too good to be true. (8 c thick well shaped with a big head and big balls) we had a two year long affair and I took her to motels and did her in my car, she liked to play lady in red on the car radio and then unzip my pants and take Oscar out. she also introduced me to her gf and I fucked her too!

    • STYKLER1010 says:

      sounds like the perfect hook up, so looking for someone like that. your out there waiting to be respected, wanna make you best the first lady and dominate you, would love to see those pretty eyes go wide open @ the moment you know your controlled completely, and are in uncotrollable and complete submission.

  • Josh says:

    What’s sad is how most people come to find this blog. Reading some of the comments, I’m not entirely sure if the men here realize what this site is… I think their hormones get the best of them lol. Either way, I really appreciate this blog.. for two reasons.
    First off, sex is something that pleasures people. So what’s funny, is some of the ways you see things (in this blog at least), like how those desires we have are no different than any other desire. Yet this one requires things being personal for most people. Sexual things are sometimes frowned upon, sometimes people are a little to candy eyes and it freaks them out. But we all want it. Primitively t’s a part of us, and theirs no shame in it. It’s one of the few things to talk about, which is so primitive and simple, yet so complex, and will never disappear. A topic which is not an object, a topic which lays in everyones heads around us, yet we are afraid to express. Sometimes it associates to love, and that’s what makes it complex. So for someone who has never had it, yet writes such fantasies, I appreciate how much you seem to understand.

    Second, is I don’t have a blog, but I considered making one. It’s not revolved around sex, but I do this thing called Dear FaceBook and I host it on Facebook it’s self. It’s almost like a diary. It follows a timeline, so although it’s things I don’t think about too deeply, it does show the extent of my mind. Each one is long, and it could be about anything. Emotions, interests, desires, realizations; yet all representative of my growth over time. So where Facebook is a timeline, what better a place then that. I post them on the side of everything else that represents my Facebook, and you would never know that they were the same wall unless you saw the wall. I try to keep them separate. But it’s a timeline, and anyone who takes the time to hear my thoughts, and how I see the world, is more than welcome to learn them.

    So for both, I commend you, and appreciate the hell out of this blog. It’s very open, and very honest. It means knowing that the past can’t change, and that even though that past is not real (nor the present), it’s still your writing and that your not afraid to put it out there. Also the idea to write something that is fake in terms of actually existing, but real in terms of existing in your head is very creative, simply because most people couldn’t think of it in the first place,,,, they’d be too scared. It wouldn’t even come to mind.

    I really like this, it’s crazy, it’s open, it’s not caring what the world thinks. It’s beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ll send you an email with my FB and this comment if you want to read them. I’m not looking for sex by the way. I mean it in the most sincere way. If not it’s w.e. But just saying, I really appreciate this.

  • C says:

    Was referred here by a twitter friend. Given the tenor of the comments here, and the rise of UK censorship etc, I hope you use torproject.org to post to your blog: it will help prevent a few forms of discovering-who-you-are, at least.
    Good luck!

  • Dee Dee says:

    Wow- is all I have to say. I just discovered this Blog while searching for sites with interracial porn sites that feature- fat White guys who like to sex black women. Sadly, there aren’t any. Can anyone give me any recommendations?
    I am certainly intrigued. I have recently become attracted to fat guys. I am a BBW- size 16/18 with a nice round ass, and now exclusively date/ fuck white guys only. The last guy I was with 7 months ago was Fat, but cute and I really enjoyed the sex, it was actually amazing. So now I’m one woman who is hooked.
    I was raised ultra conservative, but since I’ve turned 40 the hormones are raging and I am so slutty over the last 6 years it’s not even funny.
    Thanks for reading
    Dee Dee

  • Gary says:

    GOTN, give Dee Dee my email address please :-)

  • TeeJay says:

    Love this blog!


  • Moe says:

    Discovered your blog few minutes ago I read something on spit, fuck I got hard and read more, great site. I wish I did know you do whatever you’re stories are about here, they are ducking amazing!!

  • Pringle lid says:

    I really love the blog! I discovered it a while back and started reading it. I like your “what is not wrong with you” posts, especially the one about height as I am a rather tall woman dating a rather short man and we’re having no problems at all! I totally agree on your opinion of female body hair and just hope you continue the blog! Really good work, keep it up!

  • Foxy x says:

    Hey.. Prob get this all the time but I Absolutly love reading you’re book and (I’m not just saying this) but you scarily sound just like me, even the height! *5 11″!!.. I started reading your book a couple of weeks ago and it’s scary how many story’s match to my youth all the way to my current life.. And it’s actually made me feel so much more empowered (sad word I know but still..) I’ve always been a horny bitch and felt it was something to hide behind closed doors or scare off ex bf’s with but then being an actual bad girl had an affair with a dom who changed my whole outlook and for the first time I submitted and found myself complete and became a switch which I still practice in all it’s fun and glory. Unfortunately like all naughty girls I got found out and paid the consciences but gained that power over myself that I’ve noticed in your book, I too get off on others pleasure and basically a bit of showing off and now go to adult clubs use my dirty linguistic skills to get a guy hot and horny before going off with his misses ;p
    I’m thoughly looking forward to reading more on here and as I totally know where the secrecy side of things come in to it would love to hear back plus I’m sure I’ve got some equally shock story’s as well ;) x

  • diva 1 says:

    Well your blog is highly entertaining and i think i might get your book.
    So what would you say to someone like me. A woman of a ‘certain age’ who should know better. Im having the best sex of my life with young fit guys who are queuing up for the older woman. I never saw myself as a Mrs Robinson but thats where im headed. And i must say the ride is a delight!!
    Just to complicate things im married but feel no guilt or shame for what i do. Why should i? Men have been doing it for centuries and we women are just discovering what we are missing out on!
    I shall visit again. :-).

  • Tess says:

    Hi I love, love, love your blog. Thank you for writhing it. i can relate so much to what you are saying and about having to hide your identity. i am too in the same boat, i need to hide my identity as i have a ‘career’ and prudish friends. Thank you xx Would you mind if i included a link to your blog on mine? i know my readers would love yours too xx

  • Dino Rossi says:

    Found your blog through a friend.
    Interesting, and arousing.
    Hope your book is released here in Brazil as well. Would be a success.

  • Seth says:

    Mission President Thomas Hendricks

  • Adam says:

    Love the blog!

    My girlfriend and I regularly read the blog!

    Finally got the pegging i deserved and i have to thank your well written article! ;)

    She is surprised at how much she enjoyed it, although i think i enjoyed it that little bit more.

    It’s really opened a lot of doors which we hope to explore further!


    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh, awesome – glad you enjoy the blog, and even more glad that it’s helped you both explore something fun!

  • zombiexeyez says:

    Welll… I happened to stumble across your blog by googling “fuck me hard stories” and whammo… Here you are. You have gained an extra filthy little reader!!!

  • Danny says:

    Hi I love reading your blog, because it’s so funny, entertaining and sexy but I also like the way you talk about men and how we are not always thinking about sex & we can’t help ourselves but rape women. We think about many things trust me and despite what the media says we are not just interested in sex, beer and football. I think lad culture has a lot to do with reinforcing the idea men should only be into certain things and that your not a normal bloke if you don’t. I am not a big drinker but I felt pressure for years to drink heavily, because that’s what my friends & society told me to do. Now I very rarely drink alcohol and don’t miss it. Same with sex because I was extremely shy I didn’t lose my virginity until well into my twenties and I felt like less of a man. Now even though I’m happily married I still worry I haven’t played the field enough and that I missed some opportunities to bed women. I guess it’s something all men worry about but because I have anxiety & OCD it means I obsess about it.

  • Aurora says:

    Woah, this blog is amazing. I aspire to be a better writer when it comes to posting stuff about my sex life (I have a sex blog too.)
    I think that the mystery part of it, is something really cool because I know for a fact that when people look at me, they don’t see a “sex blogger.” I apparently look much too innocent to be able to know what these things are. I’m glad I actually found your blog though, its a great read. Great work :)

  • Lloyd says:

    How do I get used by one of these strict an domanit Ladys

  • Iago says:

    I found you through googling. I don’t know if you care how people found you but I thought I’d mention it. “Hot sex with older man” or something. I don’t remember. Sorry.

    You’re the best. I have enjoyed reading your blog and book. I can’t believe this isn’t your main means to make a living. Because you pull me in to your stories. I become you when I read your book. It’s how I usually determine whether something I read is good or not. I get a running movie in my head.

    Thank you for providing me with some free hot movies in my head!

    Well done! All of it.

  • Marc says:

    That awkward moment when a work colleague mentions your erotic website in a positive way and you can’t say a God damn thing as the risk of being exposed is just way to high…loved this post of yours, situation understood. Really enjoy your blog :)

  • Phil says:

    Stimulating writings my dear, you have made me hard this afternoon so I thank you all the way from Australia :)

  • Len Miller says:

    You always make me HARD….I often think of you when masturbating and thinking of you fucking my hot girlfriend….She has an awesome body and I know you would love to fuck her….and she you….

  • hidden identity better stay hidden says:

    I’m a new reader… just went through your introduction and a bit of comments… I should say I’m already curious to read… So I was reading this blog about a girl who’s giving blowjob! she hasn’t updated for a while and I’m sort of hooked up on this sort of stories… long story short, I hope I get hooked up here… too!

  • Mikee770 says:

    Followed a link to some audio porn ….. omg ✊✊💦💦

  • Tom says:

    Oh wow. I just discovered your blog and the audio porn. Now I’m sitting at work with my headphones plugged in. Having a huge boner and can’t even cum. But I can touch it under the desk. Love to hear your voice. Keep it up! :)

  • Jim says:

    Hi “Girl On The Net”

    I just finished reading your first book, after first discovering a few of your blog posts awhile back. I would have finished reading it sooner, but your content seemed to prompt me to need to take some recreational breaks from reading ;)

    I just wanted to tell you though, that in addition to the fun and filthy content, you are a very good writer. I’ve been trying to write a bit and I know how hard it is to turn a good idea/story in your head into something coherent on the page. You have a unique writer’s voice that just works for you. I hope you will continue to write. Just wanted to share some appreciation and encouragement. I look forward to reading your future projects. Good luck, Godspeed, go get em’ etc. etc. etc.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ahhhhh thank you so much! I am delighted that you liked the first book, and touched that you took the time to come here and say so. Honestly messages like this really make my day =)

  • Samuel El says:

    This blog has gone from brilliant to utterly boring. Pity the spark has been lost.

    • Girl on the net says:

      This is the first ever comment you’ve left on my blog. Maybe if you’d put a bit more effort in to encourage me back when I was ‘brilliant’ I’d have kept doing those kinds of posts.

      • A horny Dutch guy says:

        Samuel El, there are actually electro stimulating toys for that… In combination with some blue medication it’ll do the trick for you.

        As for me… Girl, your voice and the way you call everything by it’s name get me hard anytime! Even when driving to my job I’ll play your stories via my car HiFi .. and I can’t resist flipping my hard cock out and jerk it really hard. It’s like you have a remote control to turn me on ;*

        • Girl on the net says:

          Thanks! Really glad you like my stuff! Public safety announcement, though: please don’t wank while driving!

  • Steve says:

    I have been searching for, literally, years to find audio porn, the vast majority of it is just some woman moaning and groaning with a few words here and there. I got a text to voice converter and put some porn stories through it but the voice was just so; lifeless; that it took away some of the excitement of hearing a lady say “cunt” and “fuck”. I love reading porn and have been searching for whole novels to be read out be some sexy voiced lady, but the few things I have seen are pretty tame and nowhere near a full novel. You have a terrifically sexy voice, IMHO, and it is great to listen to you, a live lady, speaking as you do in your stories.

    Keep up the wonderful work GOTN

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh wow thank you so much! Comments like this absolutely make my day, and I’m so grateful you took the time to come and say this. Really kind of you, and much appreciated xxx

      • Jared says:

        I completely echo Steve’s remarks – it’s a welcome joy to find intelligent, well written audio porn. In my mind it is somewhat related to hysterical literature dot com, which I also adore.

  • Mike says:

    I am a 78 year old man who still seems to be alive and stumbled across you blog whilst looking for information on how to make my spunk taste less well-aged.
    Eat pineapples? I think I’d rather have my piles re-attached. She’ll just have to put up with it as it is, I’m too good to her already.

    Absolutely brilliant writing….. almost got me hard.

    Are there by any chance and younger than me ladies reading your musings in need of a very strict father figure with a lifetime’s experience of bottom spanking and clitoral massage (I’ve got written recommendations)? If so I’d be delighted to correspond or even offer more direct therapy if required.

    ‘Hope springs eternal’ and all that.

    If there is she (they?) had bettere be quick…. I’ve got no time to waste.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey, thanks for commenting and glad you like the blog! I don’t let people exchange contact details in comments section here, for reasons of safety (and also because I can’t guarantee that the name/details being posted definitely belong to the person who posted them). If you’re looking for a hookup, you might like to try a site like Fetlife where people with mutual interests in kink can meet and get to know each other. Or if time’s short and you’re looking for someone quickly, there are plenty of fantastic sex workers who specialise in BDSM.

  • CherryLust says:

    Hmmmm I’d love to guest blog here!! :)

  • Tanya M says:

    Great site… I dabble in erotica myself, short stories and poems, so nice to hear the other side. Quite literally! :-D

  • fuzzy says:

    I could care less what you look like, what name your parents gave you, or where you are in geographical space. Your writing is an inspiration: to wank, to shag, to explore, to care, to try, to fail, to keep on keeping on, and then to wank again.

    I read books at devastating speeds, I can plow through a novel at about a page a minute. I repeatedly found myself while reading your two books in the past 4 weeks to read a chapter, or even half a chapter, and then stopping and letting it absorb into my system before I came back to it a moment (traditionally 90 seconds) or a day later.

    I empathized and identified with you so many times in both books that I imagine that we’re quantum linked at this point; your writing has become a part of the gestalt that is the whole of my experiences now. Hopefully I’m some tiny iota kinder and wiser now than I was before.


  • Pygar (Beau) says:

    I used to write a blog in response to the Belle de Jour blog. I called it Beau de jour and it got some popularity and even a couple of Guardian reviews!

    It used some of my writing that I had thought of turning into a novel. But of course Belle got the book deals and the TV series! However in many ways it caused her huge trauma. The media were desperate to find out who she was and even named people who were not her. She was very careful about protecting her identity. We exchanged some emails and hers were always from a very protected email account. But she got found. Because the media could. If they wanted to. They didn’t want to find me – which was good because at that time it could have caused me immense personal harm. So you are right. If they want to – they will find you.

    This was about fifteen years ago and perhaps we were all a bit more careless – or naive about these things then. I wrote about a friend. I was careful to protect her anonymity in so many ways. However when she found it, when I linked to it via a website managed by her brother, she found it. She could recognise herself – so she assumed the world would do. Perhaps she was right. It was a mistake of mine. I took the blog down immediately – but received a huge amount of mail and comments criticising me for doing so. They preferred reading my nonsense more than the feelings of someone hurt by it.

    So you are very good in consulting anyone you write about, even if they are anonymous. I think you can do no more. It must though make it very hard to write! I can imagine having just had a bad date/fling/relationship and having to ask, “You don’t mind if I write all about this on the internet do you?”

    Good luck and with respect for your integrity

    P xx

  • Daverr says:


    In the UK and US, sex is so very fraught — I think we’re alone in the world referring to it as ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, ‘smutty’, etc.

    On the other hand we fetishize work and (here in the States at least) violence — no wonder we’re so fucking stressed out.

    We need to work less and fuck more and to do that we need more women and men to discard the baked-in shame we were brought up with. Women have generally been hit hardest with the sexual shame stick so it pleases me no end when I come upon girls who are all over it and public about it.

    Peace, love & horniness

  • Jimmy says:

    I stumbled upon your audio blog some time ago while looking for free, quality erotic audio to listen to while doing housework, and I have derived much pleasure and enjoyment from it.
    Until now, I’d read nothing apart from the page tab and audio story text but I’m glad I did! After listening to your uni-era sleepover tale (brava btw) it occurred to me that I’ve never seen a picture of you!
    As I began to key your moniker into Google, I considered that it would really put my fantasy paradigm in a bind, much like reading a book before seeing the movie.
    Alas, I proceeded; yet, Alas!, my search has led me here and has unbuckled my fantasy paradigm!
    I respect your wish to remain anonymous and I look forward to indulging in many more of your stories. The mind is often filthier than the man.
    I also look forward to joining your Patreon, you a great job. Your voice is chic and silky smooth, but your words are dirty and evocative. Dirty girl.

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