The conundrum: How do I want you?

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous piece – “How do I want you?” – is written and recorded by Robyn, of RobynEatsEverything

Why do you have to make everything so difficult simply by being you? I want to take my time with you, time to worship every inch of that impossibly sexual body of yours and learn exactly what my touch does to every little bit of it. But I also want you, need you, demand you, now. And I mean, now, right now, because you and your body are the most urgent things in my world.

I want it fast and so very slow, soft and rough and cruel and loving, I want hours and seconds, months and minutes, eternity and just this moment. You’re my conundrum.

I can’t decide whether I want to spend an hour sliding my wet cunt up and down your dick tantalisingly, achingly, slowly, while I bury my fingers in your hair and press my tits against your chest and kiss your beautiful, full lips just as slowly, or if I want you to forcefully bend me over the kitchen island for a couple of minutes and ram your dick into me so hard my ribs bruise against the granite and punches the breath out of me until you violently inject me full of cum.

I can’t decide if I want you to make me cum right now, exactly where we sit and as fast as you physically can, with your thick fingers rapidly fucking me while your thumb bullies my clit back and forth, or if I want you to lay me down on the bed and trace your fingers across my stiff nipples and down my soft torso before plunging them into my even softer cunt and lazily tease my G-stop as you delicately kiss my shoulder and neck.

I can’t decide if I want you to straddle my stomach and gradually feed the silken rope through your palms before looping it around my wrists and craft a helix of knots to restrain them behind my head ready for you, or if I want you to firmly grab those wrists in your strong hands and jerk them both high into the air above my face as I try to steady myself on my tiptoes against you.

I can’t decide if I want to impale my throat immediately on the entire length of your cock, choking myself as the head hits my tonsils and drips precum onto the back of my tongue, savouring only briefly how hard you are before you rip it back out between my lips, or if I want to make myself comfortable between your thighs and gently massage your balls as my tongue dedicates itself to exploring the soft skin of your shaft and the shiny skin around the rim of your glans and the looser skin down under your base and how it all tastes.

I can’t decide if I want you to kneel behind me and slowly tease my butt plug out so you can replace it with your tongue, tasting and stretching, until it feels like a part of me, while you meticulously lube every inch of your cock ready to line up into my slick hole, or if I want you to copiously spit on your own hardness and, quite simply, stab yourself into my tight arsehole in one firm movement as I bite down on the pillow.

I can’t decide if I want to mount your face, hard, push my dripping cunt down onto your lips, and ride it wildly without caring about your shallow breaths or your thumbprints cratering my thighs or your muffled cries, or if I want to hover just above the tip of your tongue and swoop and dip my hips to introduce my clit to it, sweeping it across your mouth over and over until you grab my hips and bring your face up to French kiss it.

I can’t decide. Can we please do both… of everything?


If you enjoyed this gorgeous conundrum, find more of Robyn’s incredible work at, and listen to more hot stories read aloud at the audio porn page.  

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