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Erotic writers: turn your work into audio porn

Do you have a website where you post erotic stories? Would you like to turn some of those stories into audio porn? I’d love to hear from you! Erotic writers, sex bloggers, anyone who writes smut on their own website. I’ll pay a license fee to adapt your work into audio porn, and give you a widget to embed those stories on your own website, which makes your erotica more accessible to people who use screenreaders and also gives your site some extra sexy content. Interested? Read on…

This post originally went up during last round of commissioning, but I’m republishing September 2021 ready for the next round – some details have slightly changed so please do read carefully before submitting! 


Popular audio porn in 2020: which hot stories did people listen to this year?

During this absolute trashfire of a year, many people turned to audio porn to distract them from life in lockdown – there was a distinct uptick in the number of people visiting the audio porn hub around the end of March, when suddenly we all became way more restricted. But what was everyone listening to? Here’s the most popular audio porn in 2020.


Guest blog: Phone sex – how to connect at a distance

I’m going to keep the intro short and sweet this week – you’ve already met rmp792 in previous guest blogs, and heard his lovely voice reading sexy audio about such kinks as women in armour and begging. Today he’s here to give you some tips on (and a hot example of) using phone sex to connect over a distance. Your voice is one of the sexiest things about you. I’ll let him explain how you can use it to get your partner horny, even if you’re oceans apart…


Guest blog: How I became an erotic audio creator

One of the coolest things about turning my posts into audio porn is that along the way I have discovered so many incredible erotic audio creators in other places – most notably on Reddit. Recently rmp792 dropped by to share a fabulous guest blog (including audio) about begging and consent, and today erotic audio creator Lex is here to tell you how she got into it. Have you ever fancied becoming an erotic audio creator yourself? Are you curious about the ins and outs of this sexy, sharing, voice-loving community? You will love today’s guest post. When you’ve read it, don’t forget to follow Lex @alt_audios and check out some of her work over on reddit!


Southpaw: Caught masturbating in the gym

This post, by erotic author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. 

I drag on the glove, still warm and moist from his sparring. It feels like a bad thing to do—as if I’m invading his privacy, sliding my hands up into an intimate space that belongs to him. Oh, the smell of worn leather and sweat. A shiver prickles from my nape to the backs of my thighs and my knees actually wobble.