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I want my words to make you want

This post, by erotic author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. 

I want my words to make you want.

That is my kink.


Audio erotica: Which stories are the most popular?

I’ve been having a very busy – and exciting – few weeks, with lots of people wanting interviews to chat about audio porn. Including a super-fun behind-the-scenes interview for Vice, a fab round-up of top audio sites in Forbes, and even the New York Fucking Times holy shit OMG! I am genuinely over the moon about this, and I can barely contain my delight. What started as a small project designed to make my site more accessible to/enjoyable for people using screenreaders has now become the most visited section of the site. As I don’t have a guest blog lined up for today, I thought it’d be nice to welcome new readers/listeners with an overview of the most popular audio erotica, as well as some highlights of excellent guest audio too.


Experiential erotica: battling anxiety to try out mindful audio porn

I love audio porn, but I’m a very fidgety and anxious person. So when I listened to erotica that began with guided meditation, I was worried I might not make it past the first five minutes. But can I get over my anxiety if there’s erotic joy at the end of it? Here’s what happened when I tried experiential erotica…


Guest blog: How I fell in love with GoneWildAudio

This week’s guest blogger is here to talk about one of my current favourite things: audio porn! Ever since I started recording posts as audio, I’ve also been listening to more amazing audio work from other people, so when rmp792 got in touch with a view to writing about the GoneWildAudio community, I was really excited. Please welcome him and use the links at the bottom to explore more of his sexy work!


Audio porn: Threesome with a fucking machine

A while ago, the lovely folks over at Doxy commissioned me to write a couple of erotic stories. This is an extract from the first one, complete with audio porn of the full story, and it’s all about a girl who goes hunting for a guy to help her realise her dream: having a threesome with a dude and a fucking machine.