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Guest blog: Sex in stories, stories in sex

For a long time I’ve had a discomfort with the way that sex is often carved out and set aside from the rest of any given story. Whether it’s people complaining about how ‘unnecessary’ sex scenes are in movies, or books which get dismissed as trashy just because the characters have the temerity to fuck, I find the way sex is treated in media both frustrating and fascinating. I’d never really been able to articulate the root of this discomfort, but when LJ Amber got in touch with this week’s guest blog, I suddenly got it. They argue the case for sex in stories with such power and clarity – I am so grateful to them for sharing their perspective, and I agree so wholeheartedly with their point. LJ Amber’s debut novel – Song of the Wild Knight – is coming out next week (29th Feb), so please do check that out and share this post if you agree. Here’s to sex in stories, and the beautiful stories we tell through sex.


Pleasing you: “Good job, kitten”

This gorgeous erotic story featuring intimate D/s and a fabulously hot facefuck is written and read by Lou Kane and originally appeared on his website. Note that this story contains ‘Daddy’ as an honorific.

I loved sitting at Daddy’s feet. I felt so safe and warm wrapped around B’s calf, cheek pressed against their thigh as they absently played with the short strands of my hair. I chose this position whenever I got the opportunity—which was why I was currently trapped between B’s legs and the couch and clad in nothing but my underwear while the credits rolled on the movie we’d just finished.


Dear Gillian: please pay women for their labour

I love Gillian Anderson, she’s done some amazing work. Like many nerds, I loved X-Files when I was young, and more recently I loved Sex Education (that bit when all the girls got on the bus together absolutely shattered me). But I would bet every single penny in my bank account that she didn’t work on either of these shows for free. What’s more, I imagine she wouldn’t agree to do this kind of work without being credited. Let’s talk about ‘Dear Gillian‘, her latest project with Bloomsbury Books!


Guest blog: Fucking so good we wrote a book about it

People often get in touch with me to ask me to promote their books on this blog, and what I always tell them is that a sexy story will do far better at drawing people in than a simple outline of what the book will cover. Luka and Leja, sex bloggers who run Spices of Lust, have taken me very much at my word! You’ll have met them already if you’re a long time reader – they wrote a fab post about what collars mean to them in a D/s context, and now they’re here to launch their new ebook – the eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas. As I say, they absolutely ran with the ‘write a hot story’ brief, so here’s a steamy tale about the kind of sex they have, to give you a flavour of what’s in the book – it contains a selection of kinky sex ideas based off their own fun and experimentation, along with 186 illustrations, a few of which they’ve kindly included here. If you’d like to buy it you can use the code on their website for $5 off.


Sex robots and dick blankets: the future is hotter than the past

“This is perhaps the closest I’ve got to one of my own ideas: that of a sex duvet made from soft and strokeable fabric that vocally rumbles as it is touched and that curls around me as I sink into it. My sex robot will be changeable at a whim: perhaps one day a bed made of breasts; another day, a series of vibrating and moving penises that talk dirty to me. Maybe sometimes both. Because that’s the joy of adaptable, personalisable sex robots that aren’t human, that aren’t gendered – they can just be what feels good at a particular time.” – Kate Devlin, Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots