On nice surprises

Role play, like having a threesome, is incredibly tricky to do in a way that keeps everyone happy. Whether you’re a fireman, sex slave or naughty schoolgirl you’ll always have a certain idea in your head of how the scene will play out, and your partner(s) will have their own ideas. Very rarely does everything combine perfectly, meaning that there are often surprises.

Usually I rage against surprises – I have very specific fantasies, and the best sex is usually that which comes closest to the things I imagine when I’m alone at home with my knickers halfway down my thighs, scratching an itch I’ve been thinking about since a very specific scene popped into my head. But sometimes surprises can be good – things I’d never have considered doing or imagined could be hot. The right kind of person can show me things I’d never have wanted to do in a way that makes me achingly desperate to do them.


It started exactly as I’d imagined it would. They came to the bedroom – a boy and a girl – and accosted me, berated me, called me a bad girl. They bent me over the side of the bed – she beat me with a leather strap, while he held me down, pushing my face into the bedclothes so I wouldn’t scream too loudly.

They took me downstairs into the lounge, where they had an array of equipment laid out – straps, whips, floggers, and (shudder) canes. They took it in turns to punish me – one lifting my skirt and pulling my knickers down while the other held my head in their arms and crooned words of comfort.


You’re a good girl. You like this, don’t you?


Don’t you?



They stripped me and examined me, touching me all over, and hitting the parts that were softest.


And I loved it. I felt her hands all over me, and I saw his cock throbbing and pushing against the tightness of his trousers. I was wet and burning with pain, and desperate for him to fuck me. For her to fuck me – for someone, anyone, to push something solid into me and let me clench my cunt around it as I came.

They dragged me back upstairs to the bedroom, and I thought I’d get what I wanted.

‘Please. Please fuck me.’

He slapped me in the face and told me no. And she giggled with laughter that genuinely scared me. She was dominant and cruel, but did everything with a twinkle in her eye. She did things not because she was playing a game, but because she liked doing them. She liked scaring me with stinging cane-strokes that were just a bit too hard. She liked to show me that being submissive wasn’t just about taking pain that felt good. She’d beat me into a trembling pile of arousal and fear. She was, in short, spectacular.

‘Please fuck me?’

‘No.’ Said with conviction and more than a hint of cruel delight.

‘We’re not going to fuck you. Lie face down on the bed and pull your knickers down.

‘I’m going to give you an enema.’

I didn’t believe her. I didn’t really even know why an enema was supposed to be hot. I was horrified and humiliated and horny and confused, but that didn’t prevent me from being desperately curious. So I did as I was told. I lay face down on the bed, pulled down my knickers, and she gave me an enema.

I’ve never been so disgusted with myself and so aroused at the same time. When she’d filled my ass with water, she told me to stand in the corner of the room with my hands on my head. My legs shook and my stomach turned over and I counted down the agonising minutes while the two of them chatted. They discussed me, they dissected me, they contemplated beating me again. They appraised my tits, my arse, my thighs, the fresh, stinging whip marks across my buttocks and my back.

And I waited, and waited, and waited until I thought I was going to faint.

When they finally gave me permission to go I could barely walk. The stress of keeping everything in, holding myself straight and tight and still for what can’t have been more than five minutes, made it hard for me to move and gave me an agonising throb deep in my stomach that told me I needed to come.

When I finally made it to the bathroom, I sat in shame and miserable unsated lust, listening to her giggling outside the door.


  • rny says:

    That sounds evil and filthy and really rather wonderful!

    Excuse me for a moment.

  • Ruby says:

    I have to say I was turned on at the start, you had my full attention. Came to the enema part, I was intrigued. Then the end, I was laughing :)

    You seem like you had a good night. Was that the end? Or was there more?


  • I have only recently come across your blog, but fuck, I am glad that I have!
    You set the scene beautifully and made me want to be accosted and depraved too! As for the enema, my masochistic fantasies frequently centre around humiliation rather than always being about pain, I am dying to find out the rest of the story!
    Lily xxx

  • Emily says:

    Oh.Dear.God. That is hot.

    I really hope you came. I also hope they made you watch them come. That level of filth needs to be rewarded on all sides methinks!

  • Daisy says:

    Jesus fucking christ…do you have contact details for this couple?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hehe. Not that I’m willing to give out on the internet =) Besides, they weren’t a couple – the boy was mine, and the girl was a friend.

      For those asking how the story ends, that was roughly it – she didn’t fuck me, and she didn’t stay. There was a bit more torment and then after she left I cried and begged him to fuck me. Luckily, he did, or I might have lost the ability to speak/write/carry out my normal day to day activities.

  • Anandamide says:

    That’s extremely hot!

    I know what you mean – as a sub you have this idea that you’re going to get what you want, then when a Dom comes along and makes it clear it’s all about them, and manages to push you just over your imagined limits, just over what you thought you couldn’t take and would never do… but still manages to hold that control over you; so it’s only the control that’s holding you, not the pleasure… it’s amazing. Being held on a tightrope like that.

    Bad Doms are ten a penny, but I have tremendous respect for good Doms. It takes a LOT of skill.

  • Lizzy says:

    I know this makes me just about the most massive of perverts, but I would have loved to have seen the enema being shot out.

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