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Guest blog: What does my collar mean to me?

There are so many cool aspects of BDSM that I don’t fully understand… until someone who’s into them explains why it appeals. I’m delighted to welcome Spices of Lust to the blog today – they’re a blogging couple who document their BDSM life (click the link!) in all its glorious kinky, emotional, fascinating detail. Today, she’s here to talk about collaring: what makes someone want to wear someone else’s collar, and what does wearing a collar mean in their relationship? If you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain please do share this post, check out the Spices of Lust blog, and follow @LustSpices on Twitter!


Collars and leashes and refreshing your kinks

When I was young, I wore a dog collar. A literal, actual dog collar of the kind you could buy from any old pet shop. Black leather, studded: the kind you’d use if you wanted your dog to look slightly menacing. I desperately wanted my boyfriend to clip a leash through the metal loops and pull my face onto his cock while I sucked him. But he never did.