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Jenby (she/it) is a poet, playwright, multidisciplinary performer, adult model and sex blogger. In addition to being Girl on the Net's most prolific guest contributor she is also a freelance wordslut for publications such as Hot Octopuss and Smutathon, while her own blog, JenDragon, placed 90th in the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2021. Her writing has been performed (usually by her) at the RSC, the Barbican, Shakespeare's Globe and Nottingham Playhouse, mainly because in a previous life she happened to be a West End and Hollywood actress. That is until she hit 30 and did a handbrake turn into porn. She is currently gigging as a stand-up comedian, performing material about adult babies and triple-breasted sex workers, and putting together her first poetry anthology. You can find her on Twitter at @JenetalTorture, and on all good porn sites (plus, let's be honest, most bad ones too), while a complete compendium of her smut can be gotten off to at

Guest blog: Under the table sub

What better way to kick off 2022’s new guest blogs than with something riotously hot and delightfully kinky courtesy of @JenetalTorture? As you know, I am a huge fan of Jenby’s amazing adventures, and the way she writes about them gets me hot for kinks I’d previously not even considered – surveillance kink, bimbofication and lots more. Today’s story touches on one of my own hot fantasies: being ordered under the table to be used by the people sitting around it. Plus, it has a side-order of pink fishnet, latex and erotic hypnosis. Unngh. 


Guest blog: Bimbofication – being dumb makes me cum

Confession: I had absolutely no idea what bimbofication was until @JenetalTorture pitched me a guest blog on it. I now know it’s a kink all about being turned into a bimbo – ordered to act up to a pastiche of a stereotype of a particular kind of femininity. And frankly, I totally get it. If I’m honest, my favourite way to learn about a brand new kink is to read something Jen has written about it. See also erotic hypnosis and pony play for examples, then scroll down to read today’s intensely sexy tale of bimbofication…


Guest blog: Squirting – a penis owner’s odyssey

I know that Jenby (aka @JenetalTorture) needs no introduction, because you’ve already read her incredible accounts of pony play, e-stim, erotic hypnosis and more by now. But still. STILL. I need to tell you, for the avoidance of any doubt, that this new guest blog gave me a pretty intriguing biology tutorial as well as all the sexy shivers, and I am honoured to be able to host it today. Here’s Jenby’s intense and kinky account, as a transfeminine person, of her first time squirting…


Guest blog: My first e-stim session

I’m really chuffed to welcome @JenetalTorture back to this blog, whose past hits include a delightful, funny and sexy post on impact play, as well as this excellent blog on vac play that definitely doesn’t suck. Continuing the theme of introducing you to fun, sexy kinks, today Jenby is talking about the delights of e-stim, specifically overcoming fears and getting stuck in to her first e-stim session ever – enjoy!


Guest blog: Change my mind – an erotic hypnosis story

I am super-excited to welcome Jenby (@JenetalTorture) back – author of September’s incredible guest blog about impact play, and getting spanked with one’s own book. Today’s topic? Erotic hypnosis: the act of putting someone under and controlling their mind for kinky play purposes. I have to admit my ignorance on this topic – although I’ve read about erotic hypnosis before, my knowledge on hypnosis in general is limited to one hilarious live show where I got to watch my sister doing weird shit while ‘under’, and one absurdly expensive and entirely unsuccessful session where I paid someone to hypnotise me in the hope it would make me quit smoking. Spoiler: it did not. So I’m delighted to have Jenby back to give a peek into what it’s like to get hypnotised for the first time…