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Zoom orgasm: your task for today

This gorgeous Zoom orgasm story is written and read by The Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website.

An unanswered email flashed up with a “follow up?” prompt. Hanging my head in shame I clicked “dismiss”. The email request seemed simple enough in theory, but the fact remained that I didn’t have permission to ask for a meet. Not only were the lockdown restrictions firmly in place nationwide, but in the summer Sir had agreed to me having a play date, and I had failed to follow through with my promise of sexy shenanigans when the chemistry had been missing and I’d changed my mind. Now I was to wait. Wait to be instructed to find someone to fuck me.


Because he liked my tweet

Tingling with excitement at about 5pm, I hop in the shower. I wouldn’t usually start getting ready this early, but fuck it – there’s no way I’m getting any work done when I’ve been promised the chance to buy a hot guy a pint. Not just any hot guy, either, but we’ll get to that.


What do you do when you’ve forgotten how to write?

I didn’t publish a blog post yesterday, and that’s not because I have no blog posts or stories to tell. It’s because every draft I have looks like it could be terrible, and my brain refuses to kick out anything that seems even vaguely ‘OK.’ In a normal week, I write two new posts, record one new piece of audio and edit a piece of guest audio, write commissioned content for other sites (I’ve recently written up this incredible NSFW shower scene for FrolicMe, which was a genuine highlight of my January), and generally churn out word after word after word to keep everything ticking over. But at the moment I feel like I’ve forgotten how to write. And that’s a little bit scary.


The Plague Doctor: a mask, a bullwhip and caring kink

This gorgeous story about caring kink and a Plague Doctor mask is written by The Queer Earthling, and read aloud here by My Wild Lens. Content note: this story features intense impact, COVID-19 mentions, D/s dynamics including “Daddy”, and medical play (kinda).

It’s my metamour’s fault, really. He’s the one who asked Damien to take a picture in their plague doctor outfit, so he could use it as a desktop wallpaper.


Lockdown libido: what even is this utter mess

Lockdown plays havoc with my horn, and I know I’m not alone. A brief survey of ‘most people I know’ tells me most of us are struggling with very weird lockdown libido. Sometimes we’re numb to the very idea of sex, and wanking feels so alien that we wonder how we could ever have stomached touching our own genitals before. At other times we’re climbing the walls, wanking twelve times a day then yelling BRING ME MORE FUCK like some sex-starved Henry VIII.