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One more week: Dirty little cum slut

This story, in which you are a dirty little cum slut getting dressed down (and fucked) by a dominant partner, is written by Molly Moore and read by Stephen Carling. Note that this story plays heavily on the idea of you being used even though you’re feigning reluctance. As such it touches on consensual non-consent, and includes some humiliation and degradation.

Take off your dress. Slowly. There’s no need to hurry, slut. You’ll get what you deserve, all in good time…


The wishlist: He fulfils her ravishment fantasy

This fabulous ravishment fantasy is written and read by JM Seaborn, and originally appeared on his website. Note that it contains elements of consensual non-consent, and the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. Everyone in this story is a consenting adult. 

“There is a list,” she whispered. I almost didn’t hear her. She said it after a long and gorgeous kiss. She said it just as my teeth were sinking into her throat. I didn’t ask what she meant. I knew she was answering a question from an hour ago.


The Inspection (part 2): “Subject is clearly aroused”

This is ‘Inspection’ – part 2 of a fantasy written and read by Molly Moore. Click to listen to Inspection (part 1): He appraises me if you’d like to catch up before you dive into this. Note that this story has elements of consensual non-consent and coercion, as well as fairly graphic debasement, humiliation and clinical medical play.

It’s surprisingly comfortable. The metal of the stirrups is cold on the back on my calves but is the only real discomfort. Physical discomfort that is. Everything else about this is uncomfortable though. As I lean back and he finishes tightening the straps across my legs I realise that the leg supports have a kind of ratchet system so when you slowly guide my legs apart the supports lock into place holding me open. I cover my eyes with my hands. I can feel the heat of embarrassment burning on my face. He is busying himself over to the side. Moving things around, getting trays. I listen but can’t bear to watch or to see him inspecting me like this.


The Inspection (part 1): He appraises me

This is ‘Inspection’ – part one of a 2-part story written and read by Molly Moore. Note that this fantasy has elements of consensual non-consent and coercion, as well as fairly graphic debasement, humiliation and clinical medical play.

“Open your mouth.”

I part my lips and drop my jaw. He has his back to me. I hear the sound of the gloves as he pulls them on. Snap. Snap. He turns to face me. His eyes meet mine and then a frown plays across his face.

“Wider,” he says firmly.


Guest blog: Crying shame – degradation and humiliation

No sooner had we recorded some of @JenetalTorture‘s amazing guest blogs as audio porn (check out her first one – a hot first-time estim session – here) than she had racked up a brand new adventure to share as a guest blog. One so far beyond the kink-levels of her previous posts that it gave me a new insight into the meaning of the word ‘degradation.’ As well as degradation, the following post contains humiliation, ABDL (which stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover) and ageplay. Everyone in this post is a consenting adult well over the age of 18, but this note is here so that if you don’t consent to read about these kinks, you can click away to less pervy pastures. This guest post also features messy diapers, piss, snot and a valuable lesson for people like me who sometimes like to call ourselves kinky: no matter how horny you are, there’s usually someone who still has the capacity to out-kink you. If you don’t know who that is, it’s probably Jenby.