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Guest blog: Office role play (extract from Prince of Sin)

God, I love a bit of office role play. I also know that sexy office scenes are pretty popular with blog readers, given that fucking in the office is one of the most popular posts ever on the site. So when erotic author Cass Ford sent me this extract I was absurdly excited. It’s an extract from her book – Prince of Sin – and if this sexy scene has whet your appetite


Fuckstick adventures: I got fucked with a dildo on a stick

The fuckstick makes him feel powerful, he tells me. A fuckstick, in case you were wondering, is quite literally a dildo on a stick – a fat blue silicone cock moulded, in this case, onto just over a metre of solid wooden handle, with a leather grip at the other end. Thanks to my site sponsors Godemiche for sending me this wand of wonder. It’s a sex toy that invites dominance. It oozes power. The very act of holding it makes his lip curl upwards in a dominant sneer, and allows him the confidence to issue me strict instructions: “Bend over.”


Guest blog: On feeling small… and cute

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll have met this week’s guest blogger before – back in May she wrote this gorgeously hot account of the sexy experiment that turned out far better than she expected. Now ‘A’ is back to talk about role play, and embracing sexual play that makes her feel small and cute.

Like a few other guest bloggers and kinky folks, A uses ‘Daddy’ as an honorific for her partner, and they role play within that context. They are both well over the age of 18, and aren’t related, but please do be aware before choosing whether to read. 


Erotic humiliation: you’re a filthy, cock-hungry slut

You want this? How much do you want it? Enough to humiliate and degrade yourself by begging? Enough that you’ll kneel on the floor naked with your legs and your mouth wide open, tongue hanging out and my spit dripping down your face, whining and weeping and begging me to fuck you? You want humiliation, I’ll give you humiliation – you filthy, cock-hungry slut. 


Guest blog: I am a piss-covered slut

@Absolutely_Ruby is back, everyone! She is the incredible smutty writer who contributed the most popular guest blog ever on my site – about being made to wear a butt plug to go and get breakfast. She’s also written up an intensely sexy/scary story about getting caught having sex in the office. Thanks to the kind of adventures she has, and the way she so beautifully writes them, I am utterly in awe of her. Today she’s here to tell a story that featured something that’s close to my heart: watersports. Read on if you want to hear about a super-hot, dominant incident where she was made to piss for her master. This story is available as audio porn too, so click ‘listen here’ above if you’d like to hear it read aloud by Ruby herself.

Note: everyone in this story is over the age of 18, but it includes elements of school role play.