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Guest blog: The Insatiable Jane Travers (book extract)

I am over the moon to bring you today’s guest blog – an extract from Isabelle Lauren’s sexy new book The Insatiable Jane Travers, which is out TODAY! You may have read Isabelle’s previous guest blog here before – relearning to have sex after a hysterectomy – so I’m properly thrilled to be able to bring you news of her book launch. It’s always exciting when fellow sex bloggers publish books, and doubly thrilling when I get to share sexy extracts with you all, like this one which includes some delightful tortured lust/longing and intense memories of the sex Jane Travers had the night before. Set in the roaring 20s, and featuring a lead character who is discovering her sexual self while trying to shed her restrictive upbringing, you can buy The Insatiable Jane Travers on Amazon (previous link) or from other booksellers here, and go check out Isabelle Lauren’s blog and Twitter – @RomanticIsa – too.


Trashed: Fucked and fucked up in the woods

This is an erotic fiction story I wrote while I was on holiday. A holiday during which I went for a lot of long walks across some very muddy terrain, so inevitably over the course of these walks I nurtured a fairly detailed fantasy about getting dressed up in my best clothes, then utterly trashed by a horny guy who pushed me into the mud and fucked me. So yeah: this is a story about getting fucked in the woods, with a heavy emphasis on how messy and trashed you’d be at the end of it.


Audio erotica: Which stories are the most popular?

I’ve been having a very busy – and exciting – few weeks, with lots of people wanting interviews to chat about audio porn. Including a super-fun behind-the-scenes interview for Vice, a fab round-up of top audio sites in Forbes, and even the New York Fucking Times holy shit OMG! I am genuinely over the moon about this, and I can barely contain my delight. What started as a small project designed to make my site more accessible to/enjoyable for people using screenreaders has now become the most visited section of the site. As I don’t have a guest blog lined up for today, I thought it’d be nice to welcome new readers/listeners with an overview of the most popular audio erotica, as well as some highlights of excellent guest audio too.


Halloween erotica: Predator

Despite spending most of my life grumpy about the idea of dressing up or having to open my front door to strangers, I’ve started to really look forward to Halloween each year. Mostly because I get to have a bit of fun and write a silly, scary, weird bit of Halloween erotica. It’s a nice challenge to try and take a traditional monster and stick them in a sexual context, and also I’m a bit of a goth so I just like getting to do stuff that involves horror. Last year it was a siren, the year before a zombie, who followed a succubus. This year, I thought I’d have a crack at vampire.

The following story contains things you might find disturbing: stalking, slutshaming, blood, and death. If that isn’t your cup of tea, check out some less creepy erotic fiction here. But if you enjoy that sort of thing, read below or click ‘listen now’ above to hear it read as audio porn.  


Smutathon 2019: sexy stories for a great cause

Extra-special guest blog for you all today: the Smutathon 2019 team are here with a seriously sexy story for a really important cause. Enjoy their fabulous work and donate to this year’s chosen charity using the links below!