Guest blog: I bring him women to fuck

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

Today’s absolutely incredible guest blog is by Kaetana, and having read it (and re-read it, and re-read it) I am struggling to come up with any way to introduce it better than how she pitched it to me to start with. Kaetana explained that she has a recurring transgressive fantasy about being one of someone’s many lovers. Someone whose purpose was to bring him women to fuck. “Seeking out people tailored specifically to one man’s tastes and predilections, wooing them, maybe trying them out a bit myself (I’m a queer woman) and warming them up before serving them, ribbon-wrapped and dripping, on a silver platter, to do with as he wishes.” The simplicity and intensity of the way she explained this immediately grabbed me, then when I read the piece in full it absolutely took my breath away. If you enjoy reverse gang bangs and sharing partners you will absolutely adore this…

One of many: I bring him women to fuck

I’m not your lover. What I secretly am is your bitch.

And as your bitch, what I dream about is not the owning of your whole heart. What I dream about is learning the kinds of women you’d like to fuck… and bringing you a handpicked group of filthy sluts who just want to service you.


Tonight, I’m the first.

You come inside me, growling and aggressive, and I hand you something. A red marker. And you chuckle as you write, on my left arse cheek, a bright red number “1”.

Because tonight isn’t just a normal night of fucking. Tonight is the night I’m not your lover – I’m one of many.


When I return, moments later, I’m holding her hand.

I found her at the gym, all chiseled sinew and sweat between her tits, and I knew immediately you had to have her. So I primed her for you, got to know her, made her hot for you. And now I undress her in front of you, sucking those perfect black nipples while you watch. Then I gently push her head down to do what I’ve brought her here to do.

She kneels before you, and I follow suit. We run greedy tongues down the length of your soft cock. I can still taste myself on you. You reach down with both hands to guide our heads with a groan – my red hair and her brown hair – as we take turns taking you down our throats. You’re hard again already, look at that.

She’s so full of energy I let her mount you. We might as well make her work for it. I position her – reverse cowgirl – on your cock, and hold those glorious arse cheeks open while she moves so you can watch. Just the way you like to. I bet you thumb her arsehole as she grinds. And when she comes against you, I hand you the marker. “2”, you write on her arse. Just where you wrote my own number on me.

I’m not your lover. I’m your slut. One that likes to find sluts for you.


I pull her off you, but I return with another.

This one I picked specifically for you to fuck in the arse. She’s tiny, lithe. Dark hair and dark eyes and all smiles when I lift her dress off her slender body. She’s so light I can pick her up. So I do. And I drop her little arse right on your cock.

She squeals with delight just like I knew she would. I lift and drop her onto you repeatedly, her arms around my neck as I move her easily onto you, her hard nipples grazing mine like little erasers. Your cock looks impossibly large inside her body. But don’t worry. I warmed her up for you earlier.

And as she gets more frenzied, arse clenching all around your cock, I put my fingers inside her pussy and make her ride me too. When she gasps and bucks against both of us, I can feel the hard length of you pulse through the walls of her cunt. You’re so fucking close to coming already, and I almost want to give in to your need. I almost come myself.

But I’m far from done blowing your mind. You write “3” on her arse reluctantly, wanting to have your way with this one, but you trust me.

I’m not your lover. I’m your confidant. And I find exactly the kinds of whores you like to come on.


The next one I bring out is already dressed the part. Tattoos all down the sides of her like animal markings. I hand you a riding crop as we inspect the slutty little outfit she’s wearing that I chose. She’s wearing all black, Goth black, kohl-rimmed eyes and a fishnet bra that hides absolutely nothing. Leather garter belt and fishnet stockings. We make her spread her legs, leave little red marks from the crop on her pink thighs. She bends over with a stripper’s sensual grace. Gasps when you tap the crop against her bare clit.

This one’s for the using.

We push her onto her back where she belongs, and you enter her pussy like a dog in heat. I straddle her face, my arse to her nose, pulling on one of her pierced nipples as I lean forward to kiss you. I know from the way you moan into my mouth that you’ve discovered how surprisingly tight she is. I thought you’d like that.

I reward her for pleasing you by coming against her hungry mouth. You recognise my shuddering pleasure and speed up your thrusting, but I push you off her laughingly. I’ve got one more surprise for you. We flip this whore over and you give her the “4” she’s earned.

I’m not your lover. I’m your accomplice. And here, with you, is the one place I get to be desperate to please a man.


Before I bring out the last one, I pull a blindfold over your eyes. Then I slip your wrists into leather cuffs, and cuff you to the bed on your back.

When I return, you don’t even see what she looks like. But I do. And I have a feeling you’ll like this one best of all.

I’m kissing her, whispering to her. Letting my hands roam her body as I tell her how beautiful every inch of her is. You hear us, you feel us, but you can’t touch. You can’t see. So you listen. You listen as I begin to fuck her with my fingers.

But just before she comes, I stop. She’s so desperate now that she’s gagging for it. Just where I wanted her. Now she’ll do anything I say. And I whisper in her ear, too quietly for you to hear, what I want her to do.

The next thing you feel is my hands pushing your knees up. Then a cold finger on your arsehole.

You see, this one I brought not for you to fuck, but to fuck you.

I’m harsh now as I’m ordering her. She’s eager but hesitant, and I’m guiding the dildo she’s wearing into you. I know you want this. Already your poor cock is twitching and your hips are bucking against her silicone cock. And I know you, I know how much you love to get fucked by a woman, know that you can’t wait to be filled. So I egg her on, push her hips until she’s fully inside you.

And when she begins to fuck you in earnest, I lower myself onto your cock and enjoy the involuntary sounds you make as you get thoroughly fucked by us both and begin to really lose control. I jump off just in time to take your cum on my face. It’s hot and sticky in my mouth and I resist the urge to swallow it all. You hear me kissing her. As your cock softens, you listen to me make her come.

When I remove your blindfold, you blink into the light to see the face of the woman that so thoroughly fucked your arse.

Your wife smiles back at you, wearing nothing but a strap on. I grin mischievously at you and hand her the red marker.

She giggles. “I think it’s your turn to get this,” she says to you playfully as she write a big red number “5” on the underside of your thigh. And then I kiss her deeply as you watch.

Because I’m the one who wants to be one of your many. I’m not your lover. I’m your favourite toy.

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