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Who’s there? A first date hookup and a shadow

This fabulous first date hookup story is by Robyn of RobynEatsEverything, and is read here by Girl on the Net. 

The pub was closing early. The two members of staff were busying themselves behind the bar and every glance in our direction was a plea for us to leave so they could go home. You told me you didn’t want the night to end here; there’d been laughter and anticipatory touches and plenty of eye-fucking across the table as I suggestively sipped my drink through a straw. As a first date, it was perfect. We reluctantly untangled our hands from each others’ across the table and said our goodbyes to the bar.


Guest blog: Voyeurs in the Bond villain mansion

This week’s guest blogger tells me – tantalisingly – that this story ‘may or may not be inspired by true events.’ I only pass this on to you so that you, like me, can tingle with a thrill of delicious envy when you read about the adventures of two people setting foot in a Bond villain mansion… and being invited to embrace their inner voyeurs as the guests took advantage of the many many bedrooms…


Guest blog: Smokeshow – use me as your human ashtray

Just as there’s something exciting about hearing the letterbox go and seeing a handwritten card instead of some random spam from Sky Broadband, so my heart leaps when my inbox pings and instead of a boring press release it’s a guest blog pitch from Jenby! WOOOO! Today the fabulous @JenetalTorture is back with another gloriously fun, sexy account of a kink I’ve never tried myself: being a human ashtray.


Guest blog: How it felt to be photographed fucking

Taking sexy nudes and lewds is nervewracking/exciting enough, but being photographed fucking by an outside party seems like an even more intimate, exhibitionist and downright incredible thing. One of the things I love about Exposing 40’s blog is that in her photography she captures so much of the joy of nudity and sexuality – check out her photos, they’re fabulous. In today’s blog, she’s writing about taking a new step photo-wise though: being photographed fucking for the very first time.

Note: because of Patreon rules, I cannot publish any images on this blog that feature ‘real people having real sex’, so please don’t ask for the pictures – click through using the links in the post to see the stunningly gorgeous shots. 


Exhibitionist erotica: fucked in the library

While I work on commissioning more guest audio, the usual guest audio porn slot will be filled with improv erotica: stories inspired by suggestions from Patreons, who have chipped in some amazing scenarios. They give me a name, a kink, a location and an object and I try to write these into fun pieces of horny flash fiction. This first piece is some hot exhibitionist erotica about getting fucked in a library – at the top of the story you can see the prompts which sparked it.