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How To Build A Sex Room is actually really good

Have you watched Netflix’s How To Build A Sex Room? Episode one is not indicative of the show overall, so if you’ve only watched the first it might be worth sticking with it. When I first settled down to watch it, I was deeply frustrated by its giggly, sex-is-a joke attitude. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t do what they’d promised us in the title they would: show us How To Build A Sex Room. The programme was lacking in all the details a horny amateur DIY enthusiast would need, such as how to determine which fixings to use for mount points (they call them ‘hard points’ which I think is less sexy) and which fabrics give the best attractive-yet-wipe-clean finish. BUT. I stuck with it, because I like watching people talk about kink equipment, and now I’m here to tell you all that How To Build A Sex Room is actually fucking GREAT.


Oral assessment – he teaches her some BJ tricks

This erotic fiction in which a guy enlists a stunt cock to help him teach another friend some BJ tricks is written and read by Euphemise This. 

Danya was excited to be back at uni for her final year, even though she knew that there probably wouldn’t be as much time for extra-curricular activities if she wanted to get a first. After unpacking, she headed to the kitchen to make herself a coffee but couldn’t face her housemates’ poor taste in instant so messaged Nate to see if he fancied meeting at Starbucks for a pumpkin spiced latte and a summer’s worth of gossip.


Guest blog: Fucked bent over the desk

The vast majority of my own wank fantasies feature someone getting bent over something. The arm of a sofa, a spanking bench and – of course – bent over the desk. The desk is one of the sexiest bits of furniture, in my opinion, far hotter than a bed or a sofa. Rendered even hotter if that desk happens to be one in your office, where workplace fucking is technically forbidden. If you feel the same, you’ll absolutely love the latest post from @ht_honey (whose blog you can find at Happy Come Lucky, plus read her fabulous guest blogs on sub drop and giggling in kink here!), where she tells us in delicious detail about a hot office fuck bent over the desk…


No words, just cocksucking: vanilla tastes good

A few days before we’re due to hang out, he texts me a fantasy. Couched in the standard consent-focused caveats (“Only if that sounds hot to you…”) that I find extremely cute – they function essentially as the ‘no worries if not!’ of fucking. His request is neat, specific, and very easy to achieve: he wants to arrive at my place, have me greet him at the door with no words whatsoever, then as soon as he’s inside, drop to my knees and start sucking his dick. No words, just cocksucking.


Guest blog: Why I love to make you come

Today’s guest blogger is here to talk about one of the greatest joys in life: giving someone else an orgasm. I say ‘giving’ an orgasm, but one of the things I love about this act is that there are so many different ways in which to do it. Evidenced by the fact that there are multiple ways to express it in language – ‘getting you off’, ‘making you come’, ‘bringing you to climax’ – each one evoking a different tone for what you’re doing. Today’s guest blogger runs the site Ten Ways To Touch, and so fittingly here he’s offering up a list of ten things he loves about giving and receiving orgasms. Take it away…