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Alley – Impulse alleyway sex

This gorgeous story about impulse alleyway sex is written by Nooky and originally appeared on her website. It is read here by Sherryl Blu

The cocktails are good. Glancing across the table at her is better. She’s wearing a tailored shirt in pine needle green and her hair is loose around her face and whenever, like now, she’s trying to remember a detail of an anecdote her mouth puckers up a little to one side, like a thread’s tugging up her cheek.


Begging for cum: is it hot enough to be worth risking pressure?

There’s usually a moment during a fuck where I can sense a change in pace from the dude who is fucking me: a slight increase in speed, or a pause, that can mean he’s on the verge of coming. At this point, what I really want to do is start begging for cum. Tell him ‘please god yes fucking squirt your cum inside me.’ But it’s a pretty risky strategy.


Guest blog: I sucked my own cock – here’s how

Have you ever wanted to suck your own cock? As a connoisseur of cocksucking, I am inevitably fascinated (and delighted) by stories of people who have managed to suck their own. So when @OxyFromSg (who writes erotica over at this blog) popped up in my DMs to say ‘hey! I’ve sucked my own cock. Fancy a guest blog?’, you can imagine how eagerly I leapt at the opportunity to read/publish something that explains not only how to suck your own dick, but what it actually feels like to achieve it. Take it away Oxy…


Guest blog: The virgin and the escort

I’m excited to welcome Ariadne this week, who is here to talk to you about discovering her sexual self with an escort. Since the age of 18, Ariadne had a condition called vaginismus, where the vaginal muscles contract in reaction to any kind of penetration. It is estimated that it affects 2 in every 1000 people, although it is still not commonly discussed. Ariadne’s post is about how her time with an escort helped her to discover sex she truly loved. Although not on Twitter, she is keen to help spread awareness around Vaginismus and would like to direct anyone who’d like to know more to The Vaginismus Network.


I killed the mood but he brought it back

Partway through a fuck, I realise something’s not quite right, and I mention it. BAM! I have killed the mood. I’m annoyed with myself and a little disappointed so I tell him. We stop shagging. We hug. We sweat. I say “sorry” a few more times, because “sorry” is the word I instinctively reach for when I have nothing else to say. “Stop saying sorry,” he tells me. “Stop saying you killed the mood.” But I can’t stop saying it, I’m stuck in a loop of it, and I don’t know how to escape. There are two paths open to him here…