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Fucked on a pub table: Pub gang bang story part 2

This gorgeous story about getting fucked on a pub table is written by Quinn Rhodes, and is part 2 of a tale which began with this pub gang bang here. It originally appeared on Quinn’s website, and is read aloud here by Girl on the Net.

He tells me to open my mouth so he can fuck my slutty hole. I obey, of course. With one of his hands in my hair – pulling my head back and ensuring my mouth stays open – I have to take everything he gives me. He abuses my mouth, thrusting roughly and quickly and treating me as the fuck-toy he knows I want to be. I choke, splutter and gag, and when he pulls back to let me breath, he does so for not a second longer than I need him to.


Guest blog: Sex on a cruise ship

Delighted to welcome back regular guest blogger @pervy_thoughts today, who blogs about sex at Pervy.Fun and is here to share with you a glorious story about sex on a cruise ship. Something about traveling implies freedom and the fulfilment of desires and whims, and I adore how beautifully his lover embraces both of these things. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll have met him before – in this fabulous post about the London Naked Bike Ride perhaps, or this one on sex after sixty. Today, I hope you enjoy this fabulous casual encounter – sex on a cruise ship.


Guest blog: The video game sex challenge

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have met Sara and Charlotte before – Sara shared an incredible story about getting released from chastity back in 2018, and more recently gave us a run-down of one of the coolest VR sex adventures I have ever read. If you enjoy her work as much as I do, you’ll be delighted to know that Sara has her own blog now. Read her sexy writing here, and follow her on Twitter @SaraCaneWrites, then come back to read this gorgeous real-life story of a video game sex challenge, in which her girlfriend Charlotte has to distract her before she reaches a crucial goal. A challenge, incidentally, that I find pretty fun myself, though I’ve never done it (or written about it) nearly as well as Sara and Charlotte…


Guest blog: Squirting – a penis owner’s odyssey

I know that Jenby (aka @JenetalTorture) needs no introduction, because you’ve already read her incredible accounts of pony play, e-stim, erotic hypnosis and more by now. But still. STILL. I need to tell you, for the avoidance of any doubt, that this new guest blog gave me a pretty intriguing biology tutorial as well as all the sexy shivers, and I am honoured to be able to host it today. Here’s Jenby’s intense and kinky account, as a transfeminine person, of her first time squirting…


Thoroughly fucked: what is the most fucked you can be?

Got pretty thoroughly fucked the other day. And I choose the word ‘thoroughly’ carefully and with precision. This was a very thorough fuck.