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Restrain me with door cuffs and make me fucking beg for it

I’m kind of obsessed with door cuffs at the moment. Simple velcro handcuffs that come attached to short metal poles, which you use by hooking them over the door. They mean you can effectively tie someone’s wrists up high while you tease them, and my partner uses them to make me beg for it.


Guest blog: I started 2018 by having my first threesome

Ahh this guest blog makes my heart flutter – as well as other parts of me. It’s about friendship and intimacy as well as, you know, the hot stuff. While I rang in 2018 with good friends and a bottle of cheap prosecco, this week’s anonymous guest blogger started her year with good friends and her first threesome.


Understanding my desires via a Game of Thrones threesome

Most people who have watched Game of Thrones have a favourite character: specifically one they’d most like to fuck. If yours is Danaerys or Jon Snow, you’re more than welcome to them. Personally I’ve a bit of a soft spot for Ygritte, and an incredibly wet spot for Oberyn Martell. But two other characters do it for me faster than the Hound devouring a roomful of chicken, and I would give my soul for the chance at a Game of Thrones threesome that starred my two faves: Tyrion and Bronn.


Why I love dick toys even though I have no dick

What’s that?

It’s a present.

For who?

For your dick.

Today I want to talk about the Tenga Flip Hole Zero EV – far too long a name for a really awesome thing. But this isn’t really a post about the Tenga Flip Zero EV: it is a love letter to dick toys. An explanation of why I love them even though I don’t have a dick myself. And above all it’s a detailed account of why it is so hot to watch my boyfriend spunk into a tube of squishy plastic.


Guest blog: The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had

I wish I could remember my most powerful orgasm. Although I don’t believe in an afterlife, I like to think that if there was one, you’d get some ‘life stats’ before you passed over to the other side. Someone would tell you what your happiest day was, and you’d get to relive it. You’d get a tally of how many people, over the course of your existence, had nursed a giant crush on you. And you could see footage of your most powerful orgasm.

Although I can’t remember my own most powerful orgasm, today’s guest blogger can remember his. He is here to tell you all about it –  as well as the hot fuck that produced it – in deliciously pervy detail. Enjoy!