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I wanna fuck the band

It’s the way his forearm looks when he strums the guitar – highlighted beautifully with tattoos and framed by a tight t-shirt. Or perhaps it’s the thump of the bassline in my crotch or the scent of sweaty people throwing down in the mosh pit. Maybe it’s the fact that for the first time in what feels like a lifetime I am dancing like I don’t care how to dance. Either way I know that when the music starts to play, I’ll be thinking that I wanna fuck the band.


Sinful Sunday: what makes me feel sexy

Isn’t it weird how something really simple can make the difference between feeling terrible and feeling amazing?


Casual dominance: take things away from me

This might sound weird: I like it when men take things from me. Not large things, like my dignity or my house. Or even small-ish things like my life savings. I like it when they assert a kind of casual dominance – taking inconsequential things from me, with an attitude that tells me I couldn’t possibly object.


Sit still: an exercise in arousal, precision and patience

I sit still. Very still. So still I am almost holding my breath. I can feel the cool tile underneath my legs, his warm arms around my shoulders. My nipples are taut and hard. I can feel his erection pressing into my back, as I stare into the darkness and bite my lip. And I sit still.


Guest blog: Rings make hands even sexier

Hands are beautiful. To my mind they can be one of the sexiest things about a person. The way they gesture to highlight playful flirtation, the skilled things they do like driving or playing Xbox. The ways you can use them to touch and pinch and smack and stroke… Mmm.

Alongside the sexiness of hands, I’m a big fan of the way in which things like watches can draw attention to sexy movements (like wearing a watch while wanking, for instance). So when Monica got in touch to explain how rings accentuate the hotness of hands, naturally I could not resist the opportunity to share in her deliciously hot thoughts about them…