Guest blog: Rings make hands even sexier

Hands are beautiful. To my mind they can be one of the sexiest things about a person. The way they gesture to highlight playful flirtation, the skilled things they do like driving or playing Xbox. The ways you can use them to touch and pinch and smack and stroke… Mmm.

Alongside the sexiness of hands, I’m a big fan of the way in which things like watches can draw attention to sexy movements (like wearing a watch while wanking, for instance). So when Monica got in touch to explain how rings accentuate the hotness of hands, naturally I could not resist the opportunity to share in her deliciously hot thoughts about them…

Sexy hands with rings

Hmmm, probably nothing.
There it was again, too quick to make out.
Flash. Silver…
Coming out of a kiss.
This time, much much slower.
I finally clock it. On his fourth finger. Silver, metal. Ring.
It takes me a moment then it dawns on me, it’s his new engagement ring. It’s the first time I’ve seen it.

Someone I date recently got engaged and I am/was happy for him and my metamour. We celebrated together, it was a great thing and nothing had changed really. I’d seen him since the engagement, sans ring. It wasn’t something I had particularly thought about, like I said, nothing had changed really.

Until I saw him the next time and he had his ring on.

Compersion is a beautiful thing. The ring was almost the ultimate manifestation of compersion for me. I cooed and gushed over it/him. It was perfect on him, it really was. I was so excited, and then I realised I was more than excited. I was turned on. I was looking at his hands, the ring, ring on finger – savouring the snug fit. It was just the right colour, thickness, lightness. It made his hands look different, stronger, more mature(?), elegant, sexy, they moved more, they had more life. It was a beautiful heady mix of all these things and something extra, but whatever it was, I wanted him, I wanted his hands on me.

I caught myself twitching in my seat, drinking him in with my eyes, biting my lips, getting wet. This always happened with him but this time, it was different. We were catching up in a busy bar but I was struggling to pay attention. I wanted him. No, more specifically, I wanted him to touch me with his hands, specifically the one with the ring on. All I could do was get flashes of what I wanted him to do to me – stick his fingers in my mouth, grip my neck firmly with his hand, spank my bottom firmly with his hands, play with my pussy with his hands, push my head down into the bed, pull my ass up high and hold on tightly with his hands on my hips while he fucked me deeply from behind.

You get the picture. I enjoyed imagining all these things but I also enjoyed the thought of the metal on my skin, the thought of my spit and pussy juices on his fingers and ring.

Simply put, it was all kinds of hot! *insert flame emoji here*

Now I’d love to finish off this story by saying we had fucking amazing hot sex that day but we didn’t. *cries*. We did cuddle close that evening, his hands on my hips as we both drifted to sleep, and whilst it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the hot sex I’d imagined, I still got an electrifying buzz out of that ring on my naked skin.

Looking back, I wonder if he would have left his ring on during sex? A part of me would have been disappointed if he hadn’t. But I will say it’s made me realise that I’ve always had a thing for rings or people with rings (shoutout to women with rings – you are beautiful creatures that make me weak at the knees in a way that I can’t even begin to explain) and never realised. Maybe it’s stemmed from having a preference for older people (they tend to have rings and/or are married) or dating engaged/married people. Whatever it is, I like it.

Monica has donated her guest blog fee to the official Pulse fundraiser run by Equality Florida, to support the victims of the shooting in Orlando, as well as their friends and family. Please click on the link if you’d like to donate too. 


  • RB says:

    Your appreciation for hand accoutrements makes me feel far less weird, and I’m totally on board. I have a couple of things going on with people in open marriages and they leave their ring on, just out of habit I imagine, and it’s a real enhancement. There’s that thrill of ‘ooh, we’re going against what society deems normal’, but really it just enhances what’s already there, gives their fingers more definition when they’re pushing into me. Unf.

    Going to a sex party with one of those people soon. Wonder if he’ll keep it on…?

  • Cassandra Curse says:

    Thanks for this. I now have the indelible image of an old partner’s hands seared on to my brain, where it has no place to be. He had beautiful hands, hands that I always wanted on me. He always wore a silver ring on his right index finger, and it was the hottest thing ever. Damnit.

  • Ordinality says:

    This… Makes me feel so much better!

    I’ve always found my husband sexy, and he’s a pretty piece of ass, but he never wears jewellery – which is fine, his thing, whatever float’s your boat! When we got married and he started wearing his ring though…. Instant turn-on.

    I remember back when I didn’t have a car, sitting on the bus, staring at men’s fingers. And any time there’s a ring, it was just an instant tingle. To me, I think it’s more of a wedding ring thing, the forbidden fruit if you may; regular rings are still sexy, but a wedding ring just gets me going on another level. (let’s leave morals out of this though; cheating ain’t my thing!)

    • Girl on the net says:

      I had always found it surprising that friends of mine would notice wedding rings more than I would. A kind of ‘ooh, I fancy him’ then they’d go ‘he’s married’ and point out the ring. I think it’s something I don’t tend to notice, but then as soon as someone points it out I’m suddenly all over it: the flash of metal and picturing that person’s hands touching me.

  • Uil says:

    Anyone who dates married/engaged people is a ****

    • Girl on the net says:

      Well, this is some narrow-minded bullshit right here. Have you ever heard of open relationships? Or polyamory? Or ‘stopping to think about the fact that not everyone is the same as you before you wade into a discussion and spray shit everywhere’?

    • Monica says:

      If you’d read the post properly you’d see it indicated an open/consenting relationship between all parties. Now take your weak comments elsewhere pal.

    • Bekah Rigby says:

      Did you even read the post, Uil?

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    I have to say I think I prefer rings in, um, other places myself.
    (And so by sheer coincidence, the ‘Related Posts’ section brings up this: )

    Also: I’m not really au fait with polyamory, but I thought ‘compersion’ is supposed to mean ‘the opposite of jealousy’ or something like that. What’s being described her sounds exactly like jealousy! But eh, whatever gets you going…

  • Ian says:

    Isn’t it related to the fact that it’s a visual statement they have “committed” to someone else & that taboo makes you even more turned on?

    Regardless of whether it’s an agreed open relationship I think that would add to it for me.

    • Monica says:

      There is that certainly and that adds a wickedly sweet dimension to it all but it’s also very much about my lover’s hands and the ring. His hands have not physically changed but they have. It’s hard to describe well but imagine that they look like they belong to Thor or Idris Alba, and whenever you think about them, they’re beckoning you over, telling you to bend over, pulling your underwear down and giving you a spanking. This is me, every damn time I think of his hands.

      *fans self*

      • Girl on the net says:

        “they look like they belong to Thor or Idris Alba, and whenever you think about them, they’re beckoning you over, telling you to bend over, pulling your underwear down and giving you a spanking. ”

        *swoons into a puddle on the floor*

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