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Fuckdrunk: sometimes when I’m fucking, I lose my fucking mind

I am fuckdrunk yet again. My legs are limp and my muscles weak and my throat is parched and all I can feel is the throbbing satisfaction in my cunt. For a split second I wonder if I’m making poor decisions, then I realise that fuckdrunk me could not possibly care less. Thinking straight is not as fun as being high on dick.


Lust that grows slowly vs instant chemistry

Sometimes – very rarely – I will meet a man so filthy that within five minutes I am dreaming of the bad things I want to do to him. That kind of lust is a gutpunch – an instant hit of horn that has me weak and drooling. But that kind is not as common, or as real to me, as lust that grows slowly.


So you wanna be a very good boy?

A while ago I wrote a post about how – and why – I love being called a ‘good girl.’ Someone told me recently I should write a pair post about ‘good boy’ and naturally I always aim to do what the fuck I’m told, so here goes. I have frequently used the word ‘good boy’ when I’m fucking someone, but as I’m not naturally very dominant, my reasons for using it and the ways in which I use it may well be very different to your own. Nevertheless, here’s how to get a ‘good boy’ out of me.

Note: this post is quite cisnormative, sorry about that. So far all the good boys I’ve fucked have been cisgender. Just be aware that you don’t need to be cis to be a good boy, and I’ve tried to include some non-dick-focused activities in here as well as the more cock-heavy ones. 


He picked me up/His dick feels good

“He picked me up,” I tell her and she says “Ooh! He picked you up?!” and both of us grin because we know – we know – the pickup is a pretty sexy move. We also both know that, while I may be many things, ‘small’ is not one of them. I am not easily pick-uppable. Nevertheless, this guy picked me up and threw me onto the bed. Hot.


Guest blog: Fucking so good we wrote a book about it

People often get in touch with me to ask me to promote their books on this blog, and what I always tell them is that a sexy story will do far better at drawing people in than a simple outline of what the book will cover. Luka and Leja, sex bloggers who run Spices of Lust, have taken me very much at my word! You’ll have met them already if you’re a long time reader – they wrote a fab post about what collars mean to them in a D/s context, and now they’re here to launch their new ebook – the eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas. As I say, they absolutely ran with the ‘write a hot story’ brief, so here’s a steamy tale about the kind of sex they have, to give you a flavour of what’s in the book – it contains a selection of kinky sex ideas based off their own fun and experimentation, along with 186 illustrations, a few of which they’ve kindly included here. If you’d like to buy it you can use the code on their website for $5 off.